September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Gymnastics Fears and Specific EFT Words

In her article The 9 Stumbling Blocks that Keep EFT from Working, EFT master Lindsay Kenny talks about the importance of being SPECIFIC. Ann Adams says, “If you are going to be terrific with EFT, you have to be specific!” I agree. And the reason you have to be specific is… to open up the energy system.

See, it isn’t about the “magic” words. It is just about finding words that target the energy precisely. It could be this “uuga wooga quiver in my belly.” Here is Lindsay’s description:

I recently saw a little 10 year-old girl, named “Terri” who had fallen during a tumbling routine and was suddenly afraid to work out with her gym team. She loved tumbling and was very upset that she might have to give it up because of her new fear of falling.  Yet she was literally terrified of doing gymnastics again.  We started tapping on her general fear of tumbling with “Even though I’m afraid to tumble now after my fall…”  However, that wouldn’t reduce her intensity level at all. 

I asked her to tell me exactly what had happened, how she fell, and what she saw.  It became clear that it was tumbling backwards that she was afraid of, not just tumbling. So we got more specific in the set-up by saying “Even though I’m afraid to tumble backwards…”. However, that only helped a little.  I asked her to relive the maneuver in her mind and describe her feelings. She said that in her mind’s eye she could complete the backward flip great if a spotter was there for her, but she couldn’t “see” herself trying it alone. 

Therefore, we changed the set-up to “Even though I’m afraid to tumble backwards, without a spotter…”  And low and behold, we started getting results immediately!  In just two or three rounds her fear was gone and she was sure she could tumble again confidently. In fact she wanted to do a back flip right there in my office to prove it. E-gads!  As tempted as I was to see her perform, I had her wait until it was safe to try it…at her gym.  She left a happy little girl, eager to get back at it. Her mom e-mailed me that night and said that at gym practice that afternoon Terri had done back-flips several times—without a spotter—and did an excellent job. Mom, the coach, and Terri were all jubilant. I was also!

We see this same pattern in all fears. While you may describe it in general terms like “afraid of doing gymnastics anymore” that becomes more specific:

Tumbling -> Tumbling backwards -> Doing a backflip -> Doing a backflip without a spotter

I love working with kids to help them thrive in all their activities, especially sports and recreation. Childhood is a time when thoroughly enjoying many options can be restricted after even ONE bad experience. I’ve seen kids give up when, if they are willing, after a few EFT sessions they could find total relief and be able to move forward once again. If I can help, drop me an email at

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