May 29, 2023 by Thriving Now Support

Fibromyalgia in the restaurant

I had finished eating my dinner last night at the restaurant, and the very nice young waitress asked what I had been so intensely typing at my laptop for the past hour. I shared with her briefly my experiences at the EFT seminar in Dallas, and how we are exploring ways of addressing the energy system and tapping on acupoints to relieve the emotional contributors to chronic conditions. She asked, “like fibromyalgia?” Of course!

She was experiencing, as many fibromyalgia sufferers do, a variety of symptoms including a racing, beating heart, intense sweating, and aches and pains that move through her body. Although never exposed to EFT before, right there next to the table I did some quick tapping with her on the beating heart (a “5”), which quickly returned to normal in a round or two. Then the sweating intensified to a “9”; it is quite normal for one symptom to rise in awareness and feel more intense when another one relaxes. It’s like it is screaming out: “My turn! My turn!” It required several quick rounds, and she returned back to a state of “cool, calm and confident.”

A few minutes later, after I had explained more about EFT, she brought up a pain she was feeling in her hip, from running up and down the stairs all evening. I had her do the tapping so she could start learning the process herself. The stabbing pain left the hip, became more dull, and shifted more to the front. We tapped on that, chasing the pain as it released from the hip. The pain then moved briefly to the back of the knee, and she chose “this terrible pain in the back of my knee” (I believe that was it) to describe pain that really wasn’t that intense. She was even surprised that she chose that word. I wasn’t, since the energy of the pain was a “terrible” energy. Through EFT, it was leaving. We didn’t even get past the karate chop point before she said, “It’s gone!” She looked and sounded a lot better.

This young woman, like so many people out there, is energetically sensitive. She feels deeply, and also has an intuition about the emotional tie-in to her symptoms. Now, armed with less than 10 minutes of Aha! experience with EFT, she can choose to learn more about how to care for herself, build energetic resiliency, and I believe someday be completely free of what the doctors call fibromyalgia.

This emotional and physical freedom that is open to her, and all of us, won’t come without effort. While we didn’t get into specifics, she nodded her head in affirmation as I mentioned more than a few of the emotional events that often lead to fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes. EFT can and should be learned as self-care. You can use our Learning EFT articles and Gary Craig’s EFT materials and videos to learn EFT and borrow benefits on your own specific events. I do recommend, if you have a few Big Ones in your past, that you get therapy or coaching to help you learn and experience the power of EFT when used artfully and gently to work through them… so you can get back to thriving… NOW!

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