September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

EFT For a Healthier Sex Drive

A team member writes:

Dear Rick,

Recently I found a real goldmine in EFT and I wanted to share this revelation.

My husband is an incredible man, and I have always found him attractive, but since having children, getting “in the mood” has been really hard to do. 

After tending the kids from dawn to after dark—all day and then sometimes at night too—I found myself often “too tired”.  I have always felt bad about this because I wished that I did have desire for sex more often, but no matter how hard I tried my sex drive was elusive much of the time.

This week I was exhausted after putting the kids to bed, and I grumpily told my husband that I was going to take a bath and go to bed. 

I had copied some EFT articles to read from your website, and I was looking forward to reading them and a good soak in the tub then I had the idea to tap to see if I could wake up some sexual energy.

Well, yahoo Rick. It worked.. and I am really happy! (My husband is happy too)

Even though the effects last, I have used it a few times this week with better and better results.  I won’t tell you everything that I tapped—but I started with loving and appreciating my body. Then I tapped things like…

“I desire sex”
“I love sex and I want it all of the time.”
“I desire my husband.”
“I am multi-orgasmic.”
“My husband’s touch excites me.”
“My (insert your favorite body part here)… throbs” … “with energy”, “desire” or “excitement.”
“I open to my partner’s desires.”
“I surrender to my desires”
“I surrender”

I now have the sex drive that I always wished I had.

I want to share this because I know that there are other women in the same boat, and it will liberate some people by giving them permission to delve into this joy.

Please feel free to share this with everyone… keeping my name out.


Rick comments: EFT can be remarkable at energizing our system, including our sexuality. It combines acknowledging how we feel and setting an intention for how we’d like to feel. What my client did was use the EFT tapping points along with positive affirmations… and she and her husband found the result QUITE enjoyable.

Of course, there are many different aspects to sexual desire, and if you have had negative sexual experiences… or you are holding anger or resentment against your partner… or you just don’t feel safe, I encourage you to consider working with a coach such as myself who is comfortable with these issues and the artful application of EFT.


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