August 18, 2016 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

EFT For Fear of Rejection In The Age Of Invitation

Interview with Rick Wilkes by Gene Monterastelli of

gene-monterastelliGene writes: We live in interesting times. Every morning when I wake up I am bombarded with friend requests, invitations to attend events, fund projects, and try new programs. At the exact same time it is possible for me to go through an entire day and not have one single profound connection with another person.

In this conversation with Rick Wilkes we talk about how scary it can be to put yourself out in the world with the intention of making genuine connections when it feels like we will be judged. This is Rick’s fourth appearance on the podcast. The reason I have him back so often is because he is so insightful!

This conversation is one of my favorites and I really encourage you to listen to it! Listen (46:58) or Download MP3

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