May 3, 2015 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Do you have a CLUTTER problem?

A person definitely has a clutter problem when all the stuff in their home, office, and inbox drains their energy a lot more than it gives them joy.

The things people have around them can add comfort, ease, abundance, and playfulness… but when they go from enhancing their life, to being AN EMOTIONAL DRAIN on their life, it’s time to get help.

Does this apply to you?

I know it used to for me… and it didn’t even look “that bad” from the outside. My home was clean. There was organization. I picked up my dirty clothes and put down the toilet seat.

Yet, there was this ONE PILE of books forever unread, papers avoided, and emotionally challenging to-do tasks. There was that folder of my email I hated to look at. There were clothes I was given that I knew I’d never wear but just couldn’t “get rid of.”

I discovered for myself this Big Realization:

Even a small amount of physical clutter in my life was creating surprisingly disruptive EMOTIONAL clutter…

Clutter-Cover-3DIt was around that time that Carol Look and I decided that this was a problem for us both, and we co-created Clearing Clutter with EFT. And it freed up SO much energy for us both! This program has helped thousands of people to boost their self-esteem, build confidence, and dramatically decrease their overwhelm.

One of the big myths around Clutter is that the problem is “out there.” That if a person can just get a handle on the stuff, everything will finally be organized and tidy. People put more and more effort into the external work, even hiring professionals to help them, yet never make a fundamental change in how they live.

The truth is… Clutter can never be fixed permanently until a person focuses internally. When people clear their beliefs around lack and fear, when they transform their blocks around dealing with the emotional energy in their stuff, Clearing Clutter become easy! It can even be fun!

Right now we’re offering a special package that will help not only with clutter… it will also help clear the worst kinds of emotional noise around money. Why? Because the time feels right to launch into this next segment of Life with this kind of CLEARING OUT THE JUNK energy!

I’ve discovered how freeing it can be to let go of emotional attachments that no longer serve us. I believe that depth of clarity and confidence are CORE to a Thriving Life. If you choose to buy Clearing Clutter with EFT, I’m here ready and delighted to answer your questions and celebrate your successes!


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