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Disappointment ~ It’s a Signal

Disappointment ~ It's a Signal 1

Quick Reminder: Our replay of our session on Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings is available. Watch it here and read below for some extra energy tuning… and share with your friends!

Could disappointment serve an intelligent purpose in our lives???

Imagine you’re starving and there’s a juicy apple out of reach in the tree. You try to climb, and can’t. Hungry, you try finding a stick to knock the apple down, and after scouring around, no luck. You try throwing things, and your arm gets tired. Yes, frustration and anger and hunger can keep us AFTER THE RIPE APPLE, but…

There’s a point where it’s foolhardy (and even dangerous to our well-being) to keep after that which isn’t coming our way. That’s where disappointment can (and does) flood us with the emotional energy and chemicals of “letting go.” It’s time to move on and forage and hunt for other food, right? At some point we can all sense that that particular apple is not to be ours… and it’s best to get our needs met elsewhere.

Can we agree that disappointment in this Natural World case is useful?

But what about the business world? And love relationships? And our own dreams and creativity?

We do NEED the chemicals and psychology of letting go rather than beating our head against a tree (or relationship) that won’t yield juicy fruit.

What Cathy and I know from years of exploring the triggers and feelings of Disappointment is that our “natural” calibration around disappointment has gotten really skewed… and it leaves a lot of us…

  • Feeling disappointment at the drop of a hat, too soon to allow dreams and intentions to possibly come to fruition.
  • Feeling PRE-disappointed before we’ve even tried.
  • Avoiding feeling disappointment by redirecting our energy towards blame (self and others) or despair or worse.

What if we start by feeling the actual (!) feelings of disappointment, the “let down” sensations?

What if we recognize that disappointment can serve us?

What if we learn to discern whether the disappointment signal is “mixed up” in us, and help it be restored to its Nature-intended Usefulness?

If this exploration appeals to you, join us:

Watch Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings


Warm smiles,
Rick & Cathy

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