May 3, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

What if Clutter is Hiding You from You?

What if clutter had a purpose in your life?

What if it helped you hide from things you couldn’t face?

Or were scared to face?

If we accept the idea that there is a loving (though sometimes misguided) reason behind everything we do, then clutter can be seen as a protective shield.

It may be as straightforward as “I can’t have anyone over because the house is a mess,” or “I can’t get in a relationship until my finances are in order.”

It may be more devious and hidden… “If I’m always hunting for things I lost, or worried about money, there’s never time to be present with ME and really feel life.”

Before humans had a way to clear painful emotions, it made sense to distract and hide from things that couldn’t be fixed. And as a kid- avoiding made a LOT of sense. These feelings were too big back then.

Thankfully, we have EFT, and we aren’t small children anymore. We can gently and thoroughly clear out the energies and emotions that are keeping us stuck, and reconnect with friends, romantic partners, even ourselves! And we can model that for others, too!

Clearing Clutter with EFT TappingIf you’re ready to lovingly and compassionately redirect that clutter energy, grab your copy now!

Clearing Clutter with EFT Tapping

To a life full of love and abundance!
Cathy and Rick

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