September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Can a Confrontation Result in Allergic Asthma?

Okay, so you just got an ice cream cone. You are really looking forward to it, but it is dripping a bit. So, you lick it on your way back to your seat. But that is AGAINST THE RULES where you are, you get caught, and your cone is taken away from you as you are shamed in front of others.

Now, do you think such an experience can lead someone who has never had dairy allergies in his 23-year life to suddenly get asthma whenever he has any milk products?

That is exactly what happened to the 23-year-old national guardsman and son of Tana Clark. Here is a strong and capable human being whose body connected the emotion from that experience to threat tied to milk products. It wasn’t a logical connection, was it? No. It was at some primitive level. An energetic alert pattern was set up and would likely remain until it was addressed in an effective energetic way, as Tana did with EFT. Here is their story:

My 23 year old son started having asthma whenever he drank milk or ate milk products. He had not had problems with milk products as a child, so I started quizzing him about it.

The problem started while in basic training with the National Guard. While we talked he told me about an incident that I thought was quite significant to his problem. He had just finished a meal, and went back for ice cream. His cone was dripping and getting on him, so he licked it while he walked back to his seat. There is a rule in basic training that you are not suppose to eat unless you are sitting down. His sergeant saw him lick his cone, took it from him, dumped the ice cream in the garbage, and gave him back the empty cone. It made him furious, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Right after the meal, he did physical training for 2 hours, which got his heart rate up and made him breathe hard.

After that, whenever he had milk products he had asthma. It was very annoying and he quit using milk products.  However, it was difficult to be allergic to milk in the military, as you eat what you get, or go hungry.

We tapped for:

“Even though that sergeant embarrassed me by taking my ice cream away…”
“Even though I felt like a little kid…”
“Even though the sergeant treated me like a child…”
“Even though I was angry the whole time I did physical training afterward…”
“I forgive the sergeant for treating me like a child…”
“Even though I felt stupid for disobeying the rule, and getting caught…”

After we finished the session, he tried every kind of milk product that day, and had absolutely no problems with breathing or any other issue during or after eating them. He has been eating milk products for 9 months since then without any side effect. I also had a milk allergy for over 25 years, which I used EFT on and can have milk products again. EFT is awesome.

There may be many reasons why someone may become suddenly allergic to a substance that previously caused them no distress. Yet, this story and many others should lead us to do some detective work. What was happening in your life around the time you became allergic? Does this substance remind you of anything or anyone? If there IS some connection that pops up, use EFT on every possible aspect (real or imagined) as well as the sensations that arise in the body when you IMAGINE consuming the substance.

There is more to it than this; I just wanted to make sure that you know that allergies and sensitivities can be approached using EFT and other energy therapies. Often the result is complete elimination of the sensitivity. Other times, the sensitivity or allergy is reduced in severity, providing more options for living life where the substance may be always present (molds, grass, perfumes, etc.).

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