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#38 – Tapping For Love

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Tap Talk Radio #38 – Tapping For Love

How can tapping be used to attract love and relationships? This is a big topic, so start with your specific beliefs about love. Do you think being in love means you risk heartbreak? Or that you’ll have to take care of your partner or be at his or her beck and call? Where did you learn those rules? Tap along to release your blocks and start loving yourself more today. (And with the Law of Attraction, when you’re tuned into love and acceptance, your attract more of the same).


Trauma Relief Workshop

Release Your Traumas and Change Your Life

with EFT and Trauma experts Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, and Sue Beer

Learn from 3 tapping and trauma experts how to release trauma from your body, mind and spirit.

Who Is This For?

  • EFT, Meridian Tapping, and Energy Medicine Practitioners ready to take their clients to the next level of healing
  • Medical Professionals, MDs and nurses, needing a new tool for patients who are stuck because of PTSD symptoms
  • Psychotherapists and Family Counselors looking for new methods of help for their clients
  • Mental Health Workers hoping to provide relief to their clients who have been suffering from childhood and adult traumas
  • Individuals from any profession who are interested in releasing childhood or adult trauma from their lives

This workshop changed my life.  I work with my clients at a much deeper level now. Blessings to all three of you. — Laurie

I got such inspiration to use EFT more in my practice when I saw the results you demonstrated for all of us to see. I particularly remember the nurse in the burn unit who suffered PTSD. As a nurse it touched me deeply, and I hope whenever I get called upon to do this kind of work, that I am able to help others release their trauma’s just like you. Thank-you so much. You are all fabulous teachers! and healers! — Vij

In This Pre-Recorded Workshop You Will Learn…

  • The “mechanics” of trauma and how it gets stuck in our bodies
  • How to identify the “freeze response” and how/why it stays “frozen” in our bodies
  • How to discharge the freeze response with EFT/ Meridian Tapping
  • How to “unpack” trauma w/ tapping protocols
  • The connection between trauma and addictions
  • How trauma represents separation and how to come back into connection w/ ourselves & others
  • How trauma forms our personality
  • Why sexual and physical trauma are complicated yet entirely treatable
  • How war traumas and PTSD need to be approached
  • Why Energy Medicine “works” to rewire the brain in trauma treatment
  • Methods of testing the trauma treatment to ensure long term relief
This Trauma Release Workshop created a whole new level of understanding as to how I can work to resolve trauma for both myself and for my clients.  There is nothing to compare with having EFT Masters like yourselves work with people who have suffered trauma, sometimes for years.  It was a great learning experience for me, one that I continue to draw on in my work.  I am so happy to have these resources to be able to revisit the conference experience.  I am now a certified practitioner and keep taking that next step each and every day to developing my knowledge and my practice to a higher level.  — Barbara

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