April 25, 2024 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

#37 – Feeling Stuck!

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Tap Talk Radio #37 – Feeling Stuck

When you’re stuck, sometimes the best thing you can do is accept yourself right where you are. It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes we need to slow down to speed up. Tap along to start moving again!


Stuck? Knowing where and how to target your efforts is the key!

Why haven’t you figured it out on your own? You’ve certainly tried hard enough! The reasons you are stuck are hidden in your subconscious and under a blanket of denial… and will stay hidden until you ask 3 key questions that help you uncover your blocks. Rick has a program to address these stuck energies.

If you’re feeling stuck in business, Carol’s Business Abundance Now has extensive tapping to help you move your business forward with clarity and confidence!

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