How Is Your Shadow Related To Your Primitive Brain?

Shadow Of A Young Woman Working On Her Tablet

Have you been told you need to fight your ego? Defeat your Shadow? What if you could make friends instead? And what if that was the FAR more powerful choice? Anytime we fight part of ourselves, we split our energy and our attention. And as I’m sure you know, inner conflict is hard on the […]

Ever FIGHT with Your Shadow?

Shadow Of A Young Woman Working On Her Tablet

Ever struggled with part of yourself? Feel really frustrated and wonder where “that” came from? Some people call it the ego, some the Shadow. We call it the primitive brain… And so many people don’t even know it’s running them! It causes people to do things they swore they wouldn’t… Eat all the cookies, go out […]

The smallest act of courage…


What’s the smallest act of courage you can imagine taking right now? Does it seem too small to matter? Does it feel like it wouldn’t be big enough to make a difference? What if that simple, small act, was the beginning of a beautiful new life? My smallest act of courage was realizing no one […]

Are you tired of being at war with yourself?


Do you ever wish that the eternal inner conflict would just *shut up*?! Or have you gotten so used to it that you forget how much energy it takes up? Honestly, when I started this work, I was so used to the inner conflict and the self-criticism that I didn’t even recognize it as a […]

How do I decide… make the right decision?


Ever been stuck… Not sure what the right decision is? It’s a horrible feeling. I don’t know about you, but my brain can suck every ounce of energy out of my life trying to find a solution. The anxiety of not being able to decide feels awful. How do you decide? How do you break […]

Are your emotions CONTAGIOUS?


Are your emotions CONTAGIOUS? Mine certainly were, and I didn’t understand why. I’d be sitting ALONE in my office, far away from everyone else in the building. There would be a software bug, and POW! I would feel this surge of emotion. Anger. Frustration. Rage at the ridiculousness of wasting so much time on a […]