What Stops You From Getting Aligned Around Money?


Do you want money and abundance to be easy? Natural? That’s what I wanted. But I didn’t know how to do that. So I decided to get SMART about money. If you wafted back in time 10 years, you would see me with a stack of books, learning what I was SUPPOSED to do with […]

Time To Change Your Money Perspective?


Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve been sharing new ways to look at money and abundance. We’ve heard from many of you that the tapping scripts we sent helped you release stuck energy… Some people cried, some yawned in release, some took pages of notes. And now we’re ready with a focused program to transform your relationship […]

The Reason Money Is So Hard…

Flat Earth

Many people are convinced that they won’t be able to change their patterns around money. And this makes sense! They’ve tried and tried in the past. They’ve budgeted, clipped coupons, saved, and struggled… only to have things backfire. They’ve worked so hard, gave up so much that they wanted, and ended up right where they started… […]

The First Memory I Have About Money…

Money Argument

My first memory of money is of being 5 years old, hiding behind the couch with my sister, both of us crying… My Mom and Dad screaming at each other about money.

I can’t even remember what the specific topic was. It was some kind of conflict over who spent what, and where to put what was left. I do know my sister and I were both terrified, and I got the impression that money caused ALL kinds of trouble.

Why Isn’t Money Easier?

Shackled Money Under Lock And Key

Guilt and Shame are so present around money that some people say they don’t have any blocks there… they’s be delighted to be a millionaire! It’s only after digging a bit deeper that they find hidden layers…

Tapping For Clearing Anxiety Around Money


When we feel anxious about something, our primitive brain wants to feel better… and two of the ways it can do that is to avoid the subject.. or get rid of the object causing anxiety. Just like you might avoid or get rid of a poisonous snake that lived in your back yard…

Quick Announcement and a Favor


We’ve had such an amazing 6-week ride with the Reprogram Your Primitive Brain course that we’re now ready to dive in and connect with you again! And based on your feedback from the last survey you so generously answered, we decided to focus on financial issues… since that’s where so many of you are wanting […]