Changing Your Mind… Literally!


The beliefs we hold, the fears that drive us… They can hold us back from everything we dream of. They can stop us in our tracks! People can be REALLY clear about what they want (as we showed you in video 1), and get their alignment tuned in (as in video 2), but unless they […]

You Made A Difference!

You Matter

We want to appreciate you. You made a difference. How? You were part of the last round of email and the energy of releasing shame and guilt around money. You are part of our tribe, our community. And whether you tapped along with the email we sent, or bought the program and dove right in […]

A 36 Hour Challenge…


Have you noticed how fast life can go by? It’s easy for one day to pass into another. It’s all too common for people to get in ruts and keep repeating patterns, never breaking out or doing anything different. We don’t want that for you. You’re already breaking out of ruts but being interested in […]

The Problem With Confusion (Around Money)

Gas and Brake pedal

Imagine for a moment, a world where finances felt EASY to you… What if you could confidently pay off debts without feeling depleted, bad, or ashamed? What if you could make money decisions that felt AUTHENTIC to you, aligned with what you want to create, and natural to your needs? On Wednesday May 7th at […]

New Bonus Added To Money and Abundance Program


Once you clear chunks of your guilt and shame around money… and release some of those big ancestral shackles… what’s next?! You may have cleared the decks for more abundance, and that feels great! But if you’re like me, you want to take action that will allow you to move forward confidently. Rick and I […]

Wage Slave? TGIF! Boss? TGIF!


It’s Friday… TGIF! Right? Isn’t that what life’s about? Work HARD all week and survive until 5 o’clock Friday? Then we’re “free” for two whole days! For the wage slave… whether the shackles are rusty crusty or the handcuffs are golden, there is no emotional freedom in this dynamic. And for the Boss… well, he’s tied […]

What Stops You From Getting Aligned Around Money?


Do you want money and abundance to be easy? Natural? That’s what I wanted. But I didn’t know how to do that. So I decided to get SMART about money. If you wafted back in time 10 years, you would see me with a stack of books, learning what I was SUPPOSED to do with […]