2 Outdated Beliefs That Leave Relationships Struggling


So often, people decide they know something, and stick with it, despite all kinds of evidence to the contrary. Whether the belief is that the world is flat, that women belong in the kitchen (we belong where ever we want to be!), or that eating the crusts on your sandwich will give you curly hair […]

Limited Time Special… and Holiday Warmth and Grounding


We have some exciting news, before we get you tapping… You know how much we love Carol Look’s work. Her programs are vital, deep, and make transformation not only easy, but fun. She has helped 10′s of thousands of people live better lives. It’s wonderful to have her DVDs, CDs, and books. Just seeing them […]

Do You Need a Dose of Celebration?


Rick and I often talk about how much celebration and gratitude can add to your life…raising your vibration, creating a sense of well-being, and attracting more good stuff into your life. It can also help anchor positive actions and attitudes. In just a minute I’ll lead you in some EFT Tapping on celebration (and how most […]

Other People’s Stuff!


Wow! Thank you all for your feedback. Your messages about yesterday’s email really drove home how much other people’s stuff can cramp your style and add frustration and stress to your lives! Not only did Rick and Carol add a new bonus to the Clearing Clutter with EFT program on Dealing With Other People’s Stuff, […]

How Much Is Clutter Messing Up Your Life?


Some insights and tapping below on the surprising effects even a small amount of clutter can have… But first, we wanted to share how much fun we’ve had with this. Seeing people from all over the world join in this Special Bonus Week for Clearing Clutter and knowing that people from almost every state in […]

Special Announcement and An Update


Last week we mentioned a special announcement… and we’ll get to that in a minute. First, we wanted to thank everyone again for all their support and feedback around the Clutter Survey. 834 of you sent us feedback around Clutter and how it effects your life, and 174 of you sent in testimonials on how […]