Free Tapping World Summit 2014

Tapping World Summit 2014

Registration for the free 2014 Tapping World Summit is officially open. We love to bring you efficient, yummy ways to connect with solid, powerful approaches and new perspectives. We know that hearing ideas from different places and in different words can help our being say, “Ah-ha! That’s what they meant!” or “Oh! That’s what […]

Helping Your Mind Keep Your Body Healthy… And Tapping For Stress

Calm and Grounded

We know that tapping for emotions and energy can help people’s bodies feel better. Each of you has probably felt the physical relief as an emotional conflict is released… Even knowing that, it’s wonderful to see people doing research and getting scientific data proving how powerfully the mind can help the body. And at the […]

Tuning Into Abundance… Creating More Right Now!


We’ve been talking about the primitive brain and how powerfully it can affect our lives. That is especially true around abundance. The more our primitive brain realizes that there is plenty, and that others can have lots too, the easier it is to open up and allow more good stuff in. Think about it this […]

Rediscovering Your Inner Spirit


The people who read these email are determined, strong, and ready to make changes. We love that about you. Can we take a minute to appreciate you?

With Deep Gratitude…


Thank you for being part of our community and our journey. Your feedback, support, and enthusiasm has made all the difference. Thank you for your generosity, vulnerability, and willingness to look at challenging issues so that you, and those around you, can live a better life.

Rick’s Primitive Brain


We share this ancestral mind — we are all tuned to it… no matter the country, the ethnicity, the social status or lack thereof. Our Art and our Dance are our unique expressions. Our fears are our common ground.

Reclaiming Your Joy!


The natural vitality and joy that is already there inside you can bubble out when more of your energy isn’t being sucked up and stuffed down because of fear. How would your life be better if you could reclaim that joy?