August 18, 2016 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

#02 – How do you know what your vibration is?

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EFT-Talk Podcast #2—How do you know what your vibration is?

– Most people can tell when the feelings are INTENSE, but they pay less awareness to the early whispers of vibrational decline that could get them back on track before the become pressured, depressed, or anxious.
– Body sensations and feelings are the key to understanding where on the whole scale you are tuned.
– The energy system gives us many different doorways we can enter to bring relief… and EFT can help you take them and soothe yourself.
– If you ever feel pressured in a way that makes you feel “off,” listen and tap along with this podcast to experience some of Good Vibrations!

Refer to: EFT Tapping Points for a simple chart of the natural relaxation points we tap to raise your vibration.

Helpful links:
– Rick’s article and audio on body sensations and EFT

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