January 2, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

This Fresh NOW

Emotional Freedom for All
Emotional Freedom for All
This Fresh NOW

This Fresh NOW... 

What does This Fresh NOW offer us? If we let go of what was intended, what might arise Fresh Now?

Please comment below... I'd love to hear what you find in This Fresh NOW for living your thriving life! 

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  • “This Fresh NOW” has become a mantra for me. “This” brings me to the present from wherever my thoughts have been wandering. “Fresh” reminds me that whatever happened (or didn’t) in the past still has gotten me to this moment — and this moment is fresh and filled with possibilities. “NOW” is activating. It speaks to me that whatever life IS… it is right NOW. Who I am in this moment, how I tune myself, where I invest this precious NOW is what matters.

    Of course that sometimes looks like taking a nap. And sometimes it looks like writing a note for a recording I made yesterday. It sometimes will inspire me to make breakfast for my love, or connect in spirit (or Zoom 😉 ) with a friend.

    This Fresh NOW…

    Love to you,

    • Thank you Rick. I’m
      Getting more and more in touch with this experience and the feeling of this. I so appreciate your authenticity. So does my body.
      Wishing you and your family a wonderful birth time and beginning.

      • Thanks so much Nicole!! Mmmm, yes, my body is appreciating This Fresh NOW, especially tuning into your words, energy, and contribution to our community. Appreciate you! ~Rick

  • This fresh now spoke to me on many levels. I have these thoughts about writing what life is like with the changes on my blog, but I put it off. What would I write about? Would it sound like I was unhappy or complaining? I don’t want to do that. So what would be fresh for me to write about?

    The same for going live on Facebook posting an angel card a day. I want to do it – I think. What really speaks to me? What feels right or not so right about all this yes and no, what and why?

    It’s easier to just play a game or two or three. Or watch a movie sometimes and just stop with all the thinking.

    Sometimes I feel like that cantaloupe sitting on top of the refrigerator of my life wondering what’s next or what feels fresh?

    Thank you that was an inspirational, thought-provoking podcast.


    • I believe This Fresh NOW holds the juicy inspiration… the quiet nudge, the rising possibility.

      I know for me every time I would sit down to “write out” an idea for the podcast, I would stall. Then I wanted to just “record something” and that stalled when I thought about getting the microphone setup.

      The fresh now mantra when I really felt for inspiration said, “be simple right now. Put on the headset you wear so often, click record and go. It doesn’t have to be published. You can decide to keep it or not. But there is something in us, I believe, that does want to express what is in our heart.

      The fresh now said, “Do it for One, Do it for 10, Do it for Self.” That also helped tune me. You’re the One, the first to reply, and I soooooo appreciate this connection we share. ~Rick

  • My Fresh Now is very emotional. I’m trying to navigate it . I give it a color to help me keep my joy ! My fresh now is keeping me safe and grounded . I hope your family is enjoying this nesting time !
    Peace and Grace, Lourdes

    • As I explore more regularly This Fresh NOW I notice the flow back to safety and ease and then forward into expression and engagement… and back to rest and safety and restoration. Like tides and flows.

      May you and we have Joy indeed.

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