January 2, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple

When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple 1
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When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple

When is it time to KISS?

NOW! Now is the time to K.I.S.S.

NOW is the time to Keep It Super Simple.

Imagine you’re with a stressed out person who looks …EXACTLY like you! They are having some significant challenges right now, figuring out how to do things that used to be easy – like buying groceries and toilet paper. And that doesn’t even cover 1% of what’s going on right now in their emotional world.

Imagine putting your hand on this person’s shoulder and saying, with all the kindness and compassion you can muster…

“It’s REALLY okay right now to Keep It Super Simple… wherever you can. Love you!”

Take a deep breath. Imagine hugging your stressed-out self and letting the self-compassion and inner heart connection wash over you.

And now three super simple points:

  1. It’s about whether it FEELS super simple in your body-mind right now… not how it “looks” (or looks to others).
  2. The 2-minute baby step is your friend.
  3. When we’re sharing space, “super simple” may need to become super-dooper simple. It’s okay. Everyone’s emotional capacity is challenged right now.
When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple 2

And that’s it!

When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple 3

Until next time, I'm Rick at Thrivingnow. And wow, yeah, I could write for hours about KISSing and baby steps and how brains like mine take super simple things and make them complex… without me even trying! Keeping It Super Simple is a worthy and helpful practice for me. Perhaps it will be for you, too.

For now, I’ll just add that my inbox is open at Rick@EmotionalFreedom.Love. Or visit EmotionalFreedom.Love and leave a tip, comment, or question if you want to explore this together. We also have a Facebook group you’d be welcome to join. Thanks for listening.

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    • I too hate the “stupid” part. Thank you for this revision.

  • We rarely have complete control over the big issues.

    But the way we interact with each other, the small kindnesses, the extra effort–it adds up.

    One after another, day by day.

    It might be enough to change someone’s day. And then the ripple continues.

    ~ Seth Godin

  • Diarmuid Sweeney says:

    ‘Keep It Simple Sweetheart’ is a better one too! 🙂

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