Workshop: Express Your Heartistry

What We Covered...

Embracing authenticity, creativity, and emotional freedom can lead to a fulfilling and thriving life, but it asks us to practice overcoming fear, setting boundaries, and balancing self-awareness and self-kindness.

  • 00:00 Being present and authentic in everyday life, crafting your emotional world, and demonstrating heartistic qualities can lead to a fulfilling and enriching life.
    • Heartistry is about expressing what matters to you in a true, authentic, and doable way, and clearing blocks or boosting energy can make it easier and more fun.
    • Being present and aware in everyday tasks can lead to a more fulfilling life.
    • It takes courage to face the emotions that may arise and to be present with our feelings in the moment.
    • Creating quiet moments in our lives gives us a feeling of control. Living life with heartistry, while being aware of emotional skills and qualities, brings richness to our experiences.
    • Demonstrating qualities like persistence, competence, generosity, and spontaneity in work grows our heartistic skill set.
    • Crafting your emotional world by moving more of your emotional qualities into your identity can help you thrive and have a positive influence on the we-spaces and people around you.
  • 10:21 Expressing our heartistry is essential for human thriving.
    • It's not inauthentic to wish someone a nice weekend or hope they get a good rest, but if there's an issue that needs to be addressed, it should be done within healthy boundaries.
    • Share what you value and want to create in your world to anchor it and invite the universe to respond.
    • Expressing heartistry and gratitude in a group setting can help free us.
    • Heartistry is expressing something that matters to you, whether it gets recognition or not.
    • Being aware and intentional can help us identify positive and loving people to surround ourselves with.
    • Identify and share the blocks that prevent you from expressing your true self in the world to clear them and experience a shift in resistance.
  • 18:26 Overcome fear of rejection and bring more loving kindness into the world by using EFT Tapping, setting boundaries, and accepting oneself at a comfortable pace.
    • We desire loving kindness. So of course we fear rejection! Use EFT tapping as a tool to overcome these obstacles and bring more loving kindness into the world.
    • Rejection of loving kindness may not be about the person offering it, but rather due to past experiences and fears of obligation or being taken advantage of.
    • Being loving, kind, and generous doesn't always mean saying yes, and it's okay to set boundaries for yourself even if others may not understand or take advantage.
    • Building the muscle of taking a breath and feeling into your body before giving an answer can be useful in communicating boundaries and desires.
    • Acceptance doesn't always have to be connected with revealing oneself too quickly, and it's possible to radiate acceptance without feeling the pressure to reveal oneself.
    • Accepting oneself and going at a comfortable pace is important.
  • 30:16 Balancing self-revelation and self-kindness is core to healthy relationships.
    • It's important to balance revealing ourselves to others with being kind to ourselves, as over-revealing is common with those who have extensive trauma histories.
    • Sharing can lead to an emotional hangover, but the discomfort doesn't necessarily mean it's "bad" for us.
    • Discerning what our body sensations are communicating helps us to bond while remaining comfortable in our own skin.
    • Self-awareness helps in accepting oneself and savoring the feeling of acceptance, rather than being desperate for bonding and risking more than is a yes for us.
    • Stepping out of our comfort zones as curious individuals can lead to stumbling and awkwardness, but accepting ourselves and blending in new experiences can lead to growth and expansion.
    • Quality time is an important aspect of connection and co-creation (and is one of the love languages).
  • 36:09 Prioritize connection, creativity, and generosity to turn mundane tasks into meaningful moments and alleviate pressure.
    • The pressure of "have to's" can trigger our "survival mode," but prioritizing connection, co-creation, and generosity can turn mundane tasks into meaningful moments.
    • Being present in the moment and sharing creative ideas with others can help alleviate pressure and reinforce what matters.
    • Deep love can come from silly offbeat moments, not just having everything squared away.
    • There's pressure to do things right, but it's important to tap into our heartistry and take a deep breath.
    • Focus on getting things done with curiosity and intention, and give yourself a 10% dispensation to experience things differently.
    • Take a breath and try to do 10% of what you want to accomplish, while appreciating the joy and energy it brings, and practice being generous with your future self.
    • Developing self-kindness and finding ways to benefit oneself without relying on others is important for emotional freedom and enhancing both personal and shared heartistic experiences.
  • 50:32 Trusting instincts is difficult when we fear losing control and struggle to pursue creative ideas amidst all the "work" that always "needs to be done."
    • The speaker struggles with trusting their inner instincts when working on contractual projects and fears that pursuing other creative ideas will lead them astray.
    • Notice the sensations in your body when inspiration arises, as the energy may dissipate if not acted upon immediately.
    • The speaker recounts a painful and embarrassing incident from their past that has led to a fear of losing concentration.
    • The speaker is cautious about using hot wax due to a past experience... but acknowledges that some of their other ideas are safe to do.
    • The prefrontal cortex not fully forming until age 25 and can affect decision-making.
    • The speaker struggles to deviate from contract work and fears losing control if they take time for enjoyable activities.
  • 57:39 Play can feel "scary," but taking breaks and being kind to ourselves can improve creativity and flow.
    • Play can be distracting and make us lose track of time, leading us to forget what's important, especially for teenagers whose prefrontal cortex is not fully formed.
    • We can end up shutting down new ideas and our creative self due to past failures and traumas... but consider trying a few minutes of creativity to see how it feels.
    • Taking breaks and switching between left and right brain thinking can be useful for generating ideas and improving flow in writing.
    • Give yourself permission to take breaks and be kind to yourself, as we often treat others better than we treat ourselves.
    • Creating space for different expressions of our heartistry, blending our strengths and qualities in a conscious way, and recognizing when we are in survival brain versus creative brain are key skills for developing our heartistry.
  • 01:07:20 Blend movement and new ideas into your life, embrace resistance, strive for emotional freedom, and pursue what matters to you.
    • Blend spontaneity into your life by setting aside time for movement and exercise, adopting new ideas, and allowing yourself to be eager and curious.
    • Resistance is a natural human response that can be helpful in determining what truly matters to us and can lead to greater creativity and self-expression.
    • Practice safe and sane ways to explore movement, recognize generosity as a core skill, and strive for emotional freedom and peacefulness in various situations.
    • Acknowledge and clear illogical beliefs through tapping and sharing in order to be self-expressed in the world.
    • Don't be what others want you to be. Find what matters to you and pursue it in a way that feels true to your core.
    • Join the free community space at to share your heartistry.

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