Workshop: Celebrate and Strengthen Yourself

What We Covered...

Celebrating and savoring emotions that matter to us, acknowledging imperfections, and appreciating subtle changes can help build emotional strength and lead to profound transformations over time.

  • 00:00 Celebrating and savoring emotions that matter can help build emotional strength, even though our survival brain prioritizes avoiding threats over seeking pleasure.
    • Celebrate and strengthen yourself by choosing emotions that matter to you and savoring them to build core strength in your emotional body.
    • Our survival brain is more sensitive to threats and pain than possible rewards, so we prioritize avoiding danger over seeking pleasure.
    • Our brain is wired to pay more attention to pain threats than rewards, but practicing celebrating and letting in rewards can help us shift into a more positive mindset.
    • Celebration is important for our bodies to thrive, but our survival brain often prioritizes suffering and threats, so we need to find ways to let more celebration in.
    • Resistance to celebrating is predictable, and EFT tapping can help overcome it. You're not alone if you were raised in a family where celebrating was discouraged.
    • Celebrating is often frowned...
  • 07:55 Despite cultural and personal factors, finding moments of celebration and inner joy beyond trauma and mal-adaptations is important.
    • Despite the uncertainty of the future, let's celebrate and feel inner joy.
    • Our brains are wired to take action in response to threats, but we often diminish celebratory moments due to cultural and personal factors such as trauma and ancestral trauma.
    • We often learn to diminish our feelings of celebration as a coping mechanism. We want to extend the spectrum of what it means to celebrate by finding an emotion that matters and developing skills to experience it authentically.
    • Trauma creates suppressions and adaptations, but it's possible to find moments of peace beyond the default.
  • 13:35 Suppressing emotions can be toxic, so let them flow. Celebrate and appreciate reality as it happens.
    • When we are present with good or bad feelings, we should tolerate and let them flow through. Not expressing appreciation can become toxic like storing up pain, anger, or sadness.
    • Suppressing emotions can lead to intense feelings and creating pedestals for people or experiences, instead of celebrating and allowing transient feelings to come and go.
    • Nostalgia can be painful when we couldn't fully express it, but celebrating and appreciating past experiences without putting them on a pedestal can help us let our emotions move in and out like breath.
    • Let go of the false-perfect past and live in the present moment to celebrate and appreciate reality as it happens.
    • A childhood memory of a perfect moment with music and ice cream was tainted by underlying insecurities and family issues.
    • Celebrate and acknowledge what matters to you, as imperfect pieces of your life's mosaic come forward to express who you are.
  • 20:23 Appreciate imperfections and celebrate moments of connection, while recognizing the importance of experiencing a full range of emotions.
    • Appreciate imperfections and hold both the good and imperfect aspects in a mature thought process.
    • Practice being calm and accepting that perfect moments don't exist, but fleeting positive emotions can become a part of our mosaic.
    • Navigating a difficult situation with emotionally unintelligent parties, we might still find a moment of celebration and connection with our energy in nature.
    • Celebrate and recognize moments when you have put energy into what matters to you, anchoring yourself in recognition and being present.
    • We try to hold on to positive emotions and eliminate negative ones, but society's expectations of constant happiness can lead to feeling depressed and not allowing ourselves to experience a full range of emotions.
  • 27:44 Staying humble is helpful.
    • The story of the Proclamation and the ring with the words "This too shall pass" teaches the importance of staying humble and not holding onto good feelings because they will eventually pass.
    • Celebrating helps us to be present and acclimate to new habits.
    • Acknowledging oneself at the end of the day is important for completing the day and avoiding tension.
    • Reflect on your progress since you started this process and celebrate the subtle changes and shifts you have made.
  • 32:47 Celebrate subtle changes in life as they can lead to profound transformations in your emotional world.
    • Notice subtle changes in your life and celebrate them as they can lead to profound changes.
    • EFT Tapping can help people overcome their fears and anxieties.
    • The volunteer has been focusing on wise fearlessness, has had ups and downs with family relationships, and recently lost a brother, but is celebrating being able to remain calm and offer a different perspective to their family during difficult times.
    • Small changes can make a big difference in the long run, as illustrated by the analogy of changing the trajectory of a flight by just one percent.
    • The volunteer expresses their desire to continue growing and becoming wiser with the help of the universe and their body.
  • 40:34 Appreciate the struggles and successes in life, allow positive emotions to flow, and acknowledge the beauty and significance of each moment in creating art.
    • The volunteer expressed gratitude for sharing a personal experience and emphasized the importance of having both successes and struggles in life.
    • Positive emotions can also stagnate and become stagnant if not allowed to flow, leading to a feeling of emotional constipation and unexpressed appreciation.
    • The volunteer collaborated with a First Nations woman to create guitars for an upcoming exhibition but feels capped in their appreciation due to a desire for improvement.
    • Discusses the emotions and state of being that matter to them when creating their work, including focus, alertness, and frustration.
    • Appreciate and celebrate the growth and co-creation in achieving a concrete exhibition, acknowledging the beauty and significance of each moment and presence.
  • 49:03 Celebrate and strengthen yourself through self-recognition, acknowledge and accept who you are, and practice vulnerability and authenticity with others.
    • Celebrate being what matters to you and set intentions to strengthen yourself through self-recognition.
    • We don't have to celebrate "big" -- subtle, inner celebrations have their place.
    • Emotional freedom includes being aware of, accepting, acknowledging, and celebrating who we are and what we cultivate.
    • It's useful to ask for consent before celebrating with others.
    • Sharing helps others realize they are not alone in their struggles. We're is grateful for those who participated in the series.
    • Acknowledge and celebrate your Beingness and what matters to you, and explore reaching for affirmation from within rather than exclusively seeking it from others.

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