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Amidst the Fear, Your Heart Matters

Emotional Freedom for All
Emotional Freedom for All
Amidst the Fear, Your Heart Matters

Amidst the Fear, Your Heart Matters

The way you show up for your heart and with your heart will make a difference. Perhaps ALL the difference.

In times of fear, your heart is listening. It listens to the signals along your nerves that let it know to be Ready. It listens to chemicals in the blood flowing through it… always responding to the question: more needed now? And now? And Now?!?

I think more poetry is written about the heart because it is a lot like the Good Mother Within… doing constantly so many things to tend to the overall well-being of everything and everyone connected to Her. It strains to beat harder when needed. It has a constancy even amidst the variabilities of life from moment to moment. Its health sets a rhythm for the entire family of organs and all our fluids and energy field, too.

So when I invite us all to Tend to Our Hearts amidst the fears, I mean that on all levels.

I mean stopping and holding and listening and comforting with physical actions.

Take a pause.

Feel your attention shift (and guide it as necessary) from the fearful hyperactivity of the head to the responsiveness of your heart. Give it a touch, a moment of care. Acknowledge its pumping activity NOW that connects every individual cell in you to every other.

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Right now, take a pause.

Place both hands over your heart, gently breathe, and wait until you feel your own pulsing heart.

If you’re really in your head (or left your body for a bit because it’s been too much), it may take a few minutes before your heartbeat actually registers.

Stay with it. It matters.

Once you feel the warm pulsing, take a deep breath. Then another.

Feel your lungs working together WITH your heart—one beating, the other two breathing… in… and out. Flowing for your benefit.

Take another moment and softly let your awareness extend to your other organs, all working together during this time. Balancing and rebalancing.

Alerting at times!! And then releasing at others. Rhythms of Nature within you.

Now, imagine your heart offering support UP to your brain, like a column of Presence… and a heartbeat rhythm that offers the potential for both Power and Peace that extends into the glowing (and probably tired) circuits of your mind.

During times of fear, our heart will respond to our fears by default… unless we take conscious actions to give the heart more primacy.

Your heart matters in co-creating stability within you.

  • Take time to intimately connect with your heart.
  • Let its beat influence your awareness.
  • Let the truth of its connection to the rest of you be Alive in you…

In this practice, you become a different person. More fully YOU.

I know. And I see it all over my Facebook feed. Those who are just in their heads are trying to logic their way through this. When that fails, fear and panic sets in, and we apparently need 200 rolls of toilet paper—each!—to handle the emotional diarrhea that results.

Those who are practicing connecting to their heart and their whole body, mind, and spirit… however imperfectly… are radiating a different kind of practical grace.

And this is where your heart really matters.

If you take a pause… if you co-regulate with your own heart… what will radiate from that will be… Lovely Heartistry.

I trust this about you… that you have lovely heartistry within you even amidst all the fear. No one listens to a podcast about Emotional Freedom for All unless you want a world where hearty generosity is at the core of Who We Are and What We Do.

Please know, this isn’t a pressure to do anything specific or to do anything the world at large calls generous.

I’m offering this from my own heart. In its simple rhythm there is… an offer to join me in feeling our essential aliveness. To know that right now, each beat reaffirms life.

And I sense that from that place of being with yourself, inspired actions will arise, too.

Such “actions” might be as sacred as a soft “I love you” spoken to the wind in the direction of someone we hold dear and cannot be with right now.

It might be to take a nap for yourself while in energy space snuggling up with one who you feel safe and connected to—even as they are out elsewhere in the world.

My heart earlier had me remember my cat named Rug, who used to “just know” when I was in need and would knead my belly and purr on my heart. Rug isn’t in his physical body anymore, and yet… my heart knows him still.

If this was an intense blizzard, we’d be taking actions to keep our homes warm. And, emotionally this IS an intense blizzard of cold fears and unknowns. Tending to our hearts may, right now, be closer in effort to chopping wood than just going over and flipping the thermostat up a notch. It may require clearing out the “ashes” and even striking some flint if we let ourselves get too cold and un-replenished.

Please do tend to your heart. Feel its feels. Share its truths with those who matter to you.

Your heart matters… to you… and to We.

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  • Thank you for all that you Are and all that your heart RADIATES in support of well-being for all. ~ Rick

  • Hey Rick, Thanks so much for this. Really beautiful and appreciated.

  • Thanks Rick! I appreciated the opportunity to stop and be present with the part of me that is most deeply loving, and from which comes the call to share my (he)art… pictures of the beauty, the strength, and the tenderness of nature. Reminders of OUR true nature!

  • I read it first, then listened. The podcast was so much more appealing, and meaningful than just the printed words. Your voice confirms your passion and compassion. Thanks, Rick.

  • that was simply a wonderFULL audio pause from all the crazy out there in our world.. it was a “sweet surrender” from anguish, anxiety, worry and fear.. the world is full of these vibrations right now, but participating with you in this heart warming a different peaceful tone, an elevating vibration was covering me, hopefully out to the universe 3

  • Thank you for this podcast. I will bring the tone of your voice with me in my work as nurse.❤️ Ingrid

  • Thank you Rick … this is quietly profound! I didn’t realize I needed to pay attention to my heart this morning, but I did!
    Blessings and thanks for your gift!

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