October 22, 2020 by Rick

Allowing… Patient Presence

Allowing... Patient Presence

Allowing… it's different than waiting. How can we be with "what isn't YET" and still feel at ease? Patient Presence.

Please comment below... I'd love to hear ways you've practiced Allowing and felt  both the divine and practical elements of such patient presence. 

Allowing... Patient Presence 1

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  • Thank you for all the hearty prayers and good wishes for baby! We’ll keep you posted! Hugs!

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    Marilyn Cooney says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and affirmation, Rick, as I allow a very substantial birth to come to fruition.

  • Ah this felt so good. I want to learn and practice allowing more because oh I can get so impatient. Like, for instance they said they mailed our absentee ballots last Friday. It didn’t come Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I felt my mood tank on Wednesday thinking our ballots had been hijacked, someone was preventing us from voting. Ha ha, you know these crazy thoughts we can get when we get anxious or impatient. I could have just allowed them to come when they came. I tried and it worked for a few hours. They came today.

    I am practicing allowing myself to be more creative in different ways while isolating instead of thinking, when will all this be over. I cannot do it all the time but when I do I can enjoy.

    Thank you for this.


    • “I cannot do it all the time but when I do I can enjoy.”

      Me too! Hugs!

  • Allowing…. Patient Presence
    The expression itself has been a comfort. I open wide myself to the reality at present, embracing what is now. Again, focusing to the divine who is always there and around in each of us. This is what i do.
    I am still continuing the learning…. Patient Presence is a beautiful being.

  • Thank you for the Inspiration… its very helpful for peaceful living

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