April 25, 2024 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

#29 – Bringing More Passion To The Work We Do For Money

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Tap Talk Radio #29 – Bringing More Passion To The Work We Do For Money

Love your work! But what if you do NOT? What if you do NOT like your job, or your co-workers? What happens if you raise your vibration… anyway!?!

– Whistle while you work?
– Tapping: I don’t like my job!
– Advantages of tapping on specific frustrations in your business
– Good vibration money
– Feeling comfortable with the energetic exchange
– “Oxygen is the root of all evil!”
– Tapping: Blocks to receiving money


Business Abundance Now – Coaching Program with Carol Look
If you want to bring more abundance to the bottom line on your business, you will enjoy 18 hours of Law of Attraction and tapping instructions on how to:

– Integrate the Law of Attraction into your entire business
– Apply meridian tapping to limiting beliefs about success
– Eliminate conflicts you have to being successful and standing out
– Teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to structure an exceptional product launch
– Guide you to attract your “perfect” customers
– Heal your relationship with money using meridian tapping
– Improve your customer service BEYOND anything you ever thought was possible
– Bring new levels of creativity into your business products
– Target the right audience
– Fine tune your marketing skills
– Use Law of Attraction to build waiting lists and client lists
– Harness Law of Attraction to meet your customer’s needs
– Learn how to SERVE in order to SELL
– Release fears of marketing, networking and public speaking with meridian tapping
– Let go of procrastination and other sabotage behavior
– Clear out vibrational clutter with tapping
– Translate ideas and products into financial abundance
– Make yourself a priority so you AND your business are healthy

Business Abundance Now Includes:
– 9 audio recordings detailing the 15 “KEYS” to making your business much more successful using the Law of Attraction and meridian tapping. Carol leads you through this part of the program and help you put these special keys into practice in your business
– 9 audio recordings of “live” sessions with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to move through their energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. Discover your own issues and blocks as you listen to theirs and tap along…
– 91 page downloadable “Study Guide” to help you work through this extensive audio program
– The entire program includes downloadable MP3 files (for immediate access and playing on your computer or MP3 player) and physical 18 CDs

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