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#25 – Try It On Everything

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EFT-Talk Podcast #25 – Try It On Everything – Movie Review

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How we can explain to others what EFT is all about? It is hard to describe EFT and its life-changing potential in words alone. Fortunately, there is a new movie documentary (now in an expanded second edition) that explains and demonstrates with real people what this “tapping thing” is all about… Try It On Everything!

This is a phenomenal DVD showing a variety of benefits while using EFT. You can tap along with the participants and learn from well known experts and teachers as they explore the advantages of using our own energy to better our lives. Whether you are someone with an interest in self-healing for you or your family, or you are a dedicated health practitioner looking to enhance your effectiveness with clients, you will enjoy the pace of the film, appreciate the intensity of the emotional sessions, be touched by the human side of the participants trying to change their lives after decades of suffering, and feel encouraged and awed by the results with EFT.

Back in October 2007 we (Carol Look and Rick Wilkes) volunteered to be two of the EFT experts leading a four day retreat. A small group of participants came together and brought their issues like grief, physical pain, phobias, disease, traumas, and addictions. The experience was filmed and is now a powerful movie available on DVD:

Try It On Everything! (click link or movie play button above to see the preview)

We encourage you to listen to this EFT-Talk podcast where we discuss our perspectives on the movie and how it can be used to experience (and teach) the power of EFT.

You can order the updated version of the Try It On Everything DVD at:

You can also read Rick’s review here:



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