Rick’s Primitive Brain


We share this ancestral mind — we are all tuned to it… no matter the country, the ethnicity, the social status or lack thereof. Our Art and our Dance are our unique expressions. Our fears are our common ground.

Reclaiming Your Joy!


The natural vitality and joy that is already there inside you can bubble out when more of your energy isn’t being sucked up and stuffed down because of fear. How would your life be better if you could reclaim that joy?

Releasing The Fear of Disappointment


Fear of disappointment can FREEZE people in their tracks! The fear of someone saying no can stop people from asking for what they want. Do you feel hesitant or afraid of being hurt when you…

Do You Want To Spend Your Life at Tug-o-War or…


A lot of people spend their entire life at tug-of-war. They work very hard. They put in a lot of effort and focus. And they just don’t get anywhere. The sad thing is, they don’t know what’s going on… they start blaming themselves for not being effective.

And The Answer Is…


A week ago we asked which you would prefer. We were wowed by the number of you who wrote back (we’re still answering the email!), and the passion and interest you expressed. We’re deeply touched by the heart-felt asking, and we want to be a difference maker in your life. To see which program “won”, and to learn more about the program being released…

How Guilt and Feelings of Selfishness Can Trap You… and Your Whole Family


Guilt and shame producing phrases echo through many people’s childhood. Parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings, even complete strangers use those words, and others repeat them. Those phrases are used because they work… at least in the short run. They are great way to “cope” with and manage children. Here’s why…

Question and Tapping For Starting With A Clean Slate


Last week we shared with you some tapping on being specific and on using your body barometer to tell if you’re in alignment with your goals or not. Today, we’re going to help you create a clean slate to create from.