Treating Yourself Right For Deep, Soothing Sleep…


How do you treat yourself at night? I mean… If you’re thirsty, or cold, or have to pee… How do you respond to your needs? Are you gentle and loving, getting yourself that glass of water, the soft, extra blanket, the trip to the restroom, and then tucking yourself back in bed? Or do you […]

Tapping For Sleep…


Ever been flat on your back, staring at the ceiling, knowing you need every minute of sleep you can get… and feeling the hamsters of worry, stress, and anxiety have a party in your head so loud that sleep feels impossible? The sad thing is, good sleep can ease a lot of the worry and […]

The Hidden Trauma of Sleep…


Ever wonder why it’s so hard to sleep? Yeah, we’re all taught to say it’s work and life stress, something we ate, that tussle we had with a friend, partner or co-worker… But really, lying there, mentally “chewing” on the things that happened during the day is rarely useful. And most people report that they […]

Wow! Thank you.


Wow! Thank you. 879 people have answered the Survey on Sleep. We love the thoughtful answers and the insights you shared. If you haven’t gotten a chance to let us know how you sleep, we’d definitely love to hear from you, too. Take the Sleep Survey Now The results were surprising… We knew people had trouble […]

How are you sleeping?

Woman ith her head under her pillow trying to sleep

Does sleep leave you stressed… or renewed? Have you ever noticed that its often the most fundamental things that can make the biggest changes in your life? Sleep is a fundamental human need, and yet few of us were taught to sleep well… In fact, over the next week or so we’ll be sharing how […]

Would you tell us how you SLEEP?

Restful Sleep

How do you sleep? We’d love your help with a new project we’re working on. Would you help? Sleep can heal and renew. Lack of sleep can wear down, decrease focus, and intensify negative emotions. Releasing the blocks to sleep can make a tremendous difference in quality of life and happiness… And we want to […]

What if Clutter is Hiding You from You?


What if clutter had a purpose in your life? What if it helped you hide from things you couldn’t face? Or were scared to face? If we accept the idea that there is a loving (though sometimes misguided) reason behind everything we do, then clutter can be seen as a protective shield. It may be […]