It Takes Too Much Time!

HELP -Overworked

You’d think working 120 hours a week I’d have gotten A LOT done. And I did! I worried… A LOT. I stressed… A LOT. I struggled… A LOT. I felt stuck… trapped… A LOT. I wish I’d known back then that I was stuck in a “mode” that made it impossible for me to focus […]

How much does your brain get in your way?

Thinking Brain

What do you think your limiting beliefs and fears take away from your life? I was surprised to be reminded how big an impact they can have, in a not very fun way, last week… I’ve cleared away a lot, and have gotten used to feeling pretty resilient through most things. (That doesn’t mean I […]

Odd and Beautiful Birds are Summit-ing!


Have you ever felt like the odd bird? The one with a certain unique WILLINGNESS to keep going, keep trying, keep growing even if it meant doing something totally weird… like TAPPING?!?! You are a rare and beautiful being. We’re so honored to have you as part of our world… reading our words, sharing our energy […]

The Immense Value in NEUTRAL

Value of Neutral

When you’re distressed, can you shift to neutral with confidence and ease? I didn’t realize for a long time that this is a SKILL… a skill that can be cultivated and become one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to ourselves and those around us. People talk about wanting to be Happy. They […]

Can you love yourself younger?


Have you noticed how “age” focused our society is? It seems like there are rules and predictions for how people should age, will age, and how they should behave at certain ages where ever you turn. I know how much that can effect you! I got sucked into those beliefs. In my late 30’s I […]

Hmmm… could it be about stress?


I had learned growing up that intense stress made me GOOD BOY. Worry about what others would think “made” me study (even if I really didn’t care about the subject!). Worry amped up the stress in my work… so I could drive myself 100+ hours a week (health be damned!). Worry about loved ones made me intensely focused on their needs (self-care? I don’t need no stinkin’ self-care!). What I desperately needed and didn’t have at the time were Fresh Approaches.