Join us for a special (free) intensive on Money and Relationships?

Money & Relationships

Did you know that money conflicts are one of the biggest reasons romantic (and business connections) fail? And fear of having eventual money conflicts or shame around money are main reasons people don’t start new relationships of any kind? We want to help. We do know how much the struggle around money can hurt. Cathy shares: […]

Juicy Sweet Engagement and Save The Date Just For You…

Mango - Juicy Sweet

Welcome to the Year of Juicy Sweet Engagement! (We have a special gift for you… and a Save The Date Announcement below) The other day we were sharing on the team forum what we intended for the coming year. One of our tribe members said that for her, this would be the “Year of Succulent […]

Celebration and Happy Holidays

You deserve a wonderful holiday. All too often this time of year is full of stress and worry instead of quiet connection and wonder. We’ll share some tapping with you to help in just a minute… But first, Thank You for making an AMAZING difference in so many people’s lives this year. First by spending […]

The Question: Special Training on Sunday!

Wow! I had tears in my eyes seeing your generosity. A bunch of you already signed up for our special training call on Sunday… It’s going to ROCK!! And so many of you donated an extra dollar, or two, or ten, or 25 or more. One person just donated $50. Rick and I both added […]

Are You Delaying, Avoiding, or Putting Off What You WANT To Be Doing?


Rick here… and ever since Carol Look told me she was working on a program to Eliminate Procrastination using EFT Tapping, I’ve been taking a deeper look at how I work… and what is going on inside me when I am *not* doing what I truly WANT to be doing. What are your dreams and […]