Wow! Thank you.


Wow! Thank you. 879 people have answered the Survey on Sleep. We love the thoughtful answers and the insights you shared. If you haven’t gotten a chance to let us know how you sleep, we’d definitely love to hear from you, too. Take the Sleep Survey Now The results were surprising… We knew people had trouble […]

How are you sleeping?

Woman ith her head under her pillow trying to sleep

Does sleep leave you stressed… or renewed? Have you ever noticed that its often the most fundamental things that can make the biggest changes in your life? Sleep is a fundamental human need, and yet few of us were taught to sleep well… In fact, over the next week or so we’ll be sharing how […]

Would you tell us how you SLEEP?

Restful Sleep

How do you sleep? We’d love your help with a new project we’re working on. Would you help? Sleep can heal and renew. Lack of sleep can wear down, decrease focus, and intensify negative emotions. Releasing the blocks to sleep can make a tremendous difference in quality of life and happiness… And we want to […]

What if Clutter is Hiding You from You?


What if clutter had a purpose in your life? What if it helped you hide from things you couldn’t face? Or were scared to face? If we accept the idea that there is a loving (though sometimes misguided) reason behind everything we do, then clutter can be seen as a protective shield. It may be […]

Do you have a CLUTTER problem?


A person definitely has a clutter problem when all the stuff in their home, office, and inbox drains their energy a lot more than it gives them joy. The things people have around them can add comfort, ease, abundance, and playfulness… but when they go from enhancing their life, to being AN EMOTIONAL DRAIN on […]

How much is your STUFF holding you back?


Have you ever wondered if HOLDING ON… is holding you back? It’s easy to get used to having a “load” of physical or emotional “stuff”… Kind of like that proverbial fish in water. People get used to the weight and noise… and just continue struggling under the burden. We want to have it all! The truth […]

How You Can Create New Space


Ever had Spring Fever? Felt that rush of energy and interest in creating a fresh new space as the days warm and the earth comes to life again? This is a natural pattern, shaking off the hibernation and stagnation of winter. New growth, new patterns, new opportunities. And the delightful thing is, we can CHOOSE […]