What’s the #1 Quickest and Most Heartfelt Way…

Cathy on stage

Stories can help educate, relate, and inspire! And one of the people who helped me the most is Bart Queen. He helped me find the heart of my story… and the passion in my heart. If you’d like to learn how to heal, inspire and connect, join Bart, Rick and I for a free webinar.

Do You Choose Your Regrets?


Why in the world would you choose your… REGRETS?!! Before I get to that, I want to share how this concept really helps me. A couple days ago we sent you an email about “What Does Your Heart Crave?” and how sometimes the process of changing your life to be closer towards what you crave […]

Choose Your Regrets (Tapping)

Regrets Tapping

Congratulations on making a great choice and tapping with us! We’re excited that you’ll anchor this new concept and give yourself relief and a powerful new way to make good decisions for you! As we said in Do You Choose Your Regrets? – the truth is, whatever we choose, there will be something we’ll miss… something we […]

What does your heart crave?

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I think you’re a lot like us — your heart craves a path to make the world a better, more loving and abundant place for you, those you love, and even those you’ve never met. What does YOUR heart crave?

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Dealing with Gossip… Practice Conversations and Changing it to a Positive!


Gossip creates tension. Sure, sharing a ‘secret’ with a friend is one way to ‘bond.’ The problem is that if our friend will gossip about others… a part of us knows she’ll gossip about us. That just doesn’t feel safe to our primitive brain… or our heart. In this call we’ll do tapping to help […]