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Does Your Brain Have An ANT Problem?

by Cathy Vartuli

We like to keep you up to date on events in the healing community. So after a brief announcement, there is tapping and a step-by-step process to deal with your ANT problem… (Don’t know what an ANT is? Keep reading!)

Does Your Brain Have An ANT Problem? 1Rick and I are constantly learning about new approaches and ways to help you feel better fast. It’s core to our mission. We care about you. And we know that each time someone improves their quality of life, feels a bit more free, loves a bit more deeply, the world is changed for the better. What can we create when that community joins with 1000s of others, all over the world!?

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Dr. Daniel Amen, a world renown brain expert, has a clever metaphor for what stops many of us from being more free, empowered, and loving.

He says many of our brains have ANT problems.

What is an ANT? You’re pretty clear you don’t have small insects crawling around in there…

ANT stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts. And many of us have them.

“This will never work.”
“I always screw things up.”
“She’s going to hate this.”

We tend to focus on the worry, the potential downfalls, the ways we could end up failing spectacularly… rather than the ways we might succeed, or achieve something amazing.

Our primitive brain is geared for that — partly as a survival mechanism (your primitive brain has this notion that if it examines all the negative outcomes — the possible as well as the impossible —  you are better prepared to run, fight, or hide from threats).

And our society teaches us to worry and focus on the negative. We’re constantly surrounded by negative, fear-based marketing. Our parents usually modeled that kind of thinking. We’ve been practicing it for decades!

The good news is… tapping is a wonderfully effective way to clear out your ANTs. It’s the fastest and most powerful way we know of to transform how your primitive brain is tuned and what is on “autoplay” in your energy field. This changes your vibration and creates a new way of living. You will find yourself living, laughing, and loving in a surprisingly natural way. Wouldn’t THAT be different!

First, remember that beating yourself up for having ANTs is not useful. It’s rather like spreading sugar all over your house and hoping the ANTs will decide to leave. You can’t make a negative pattern go away with self-abuse (or we’d all be totally healed already <smile>).

Instead, do some gentle, loving tapping. Appreciate your primitive brain for working SO hard, doing what it was trained to do. Let it know that you appreciate its effort, and its caring. Then invite it to learn a new pattern that will help you be much more effective and successful in your life. Remind it that reversing this ANT problem will give you A LOT more energy and focus to achieve your dreams!

Not sure how to do this? Here is a step-by-step guide to dealing with your ANT problem, and changing your ANTs into magical horses to carry you forward (a la Cinderella, without the midnight deadline).

1) Each time you notice a negative thought, gently remind yourself that it’s just a thought. Thoughts are not the truth.

It may seem hard at first! You haven’t built up this muscle!

Even if you do this for only 3 of 100 ANTs each day, you are retraining your mind and your energy patterns.

2) It can help to write down a list of your ANTs.

If you spend 15 minutes writing down the biggest, loudest ANTs, you might be surprised at the impact that can have on your life.

When the ANTs are scurrying around in your head, it’s hard to see how many of them there are, or what impact they have. Writing a list can help your brain realize how ANT infested it is or isn’t. And that can start the retuning right away. It also gives you a list of thoughts to tap on.

Try tapping on one item on your list each day, and see how your ANTs transform!

3) Tap on your ANT problem:

Karate Chop: Even though I have a lot of negative thoughts, I appreciate that my primitive brain is trying to protect me, and I send it thanks and love.

Even though these negative thoughts are holding me back and keeping me down, my brain never learned a different way of being. Look how powerful I am! I am changing my brain as I tap!

Even though I want a more powerful way of living, and I’ve been struggling against myself all this time, now I can tap on these negative thoughts and retune my brain to a more positive channel.

Top of the Head: All these negative thoughts.
Eyebrow: Like ANTs at a picnic.
Side of the Eye: They really ruin my day!
Under the Eye: It’s hard to create amazing things when my brain is crawling with ANTs.
Under the Nose: It would be easy to blame my brain.
Chin: After all, it’s creating these thoughts.
Collarbone: But blame isn’t going to change anything.
Under the Arm: It just creates more negativity.

Top of the Head: I choose to retune my brain.
Eyebrow: I can think of tapping as changing the channel on the radio.
Side of the Eye: I’m changing the dial from the ANT channel…
Under the Eye: To the Possibilities channel.
Under the Nose: Even if I change the dial just a little bit…
Chin: I start changing the picture.
Collarbone: I start attracting and creating new, positive energy.
Under the Arm: I start training my brain to create love instead of fear.

Top of the Head: I invite my brain to change each ANT…
Eyebrow: Into a beautiful butterfly.
Side of the Eye: A possibility of something positive and wonderful.
Under the Eye: I am capable of so much more than I’ve been.
Under the Nose: I can create more than I dreamed.
Chin: If my brain created as many positive thoughts as negative ones…
Collarbone: Just imagine what I could create!
Under the Arm: I invite my brain to join me on this journey…
Top of the Head: As I recreate my possibilities and free my energy to fly.

Take a deep breath.

What comes up for you? How do your ANTs feel to you now?

We’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see? You are part of the Thriving Now Community. In order for our community to thrive, let us know what would help you express yourself and co-create in the world.

If you’d like more help with your ANT problem, join our Thriving Now Team. This group coaching program will surround you with positive people who are making beautiful changes in their lives. We are here to help you transform your emotional world!


  • a wonderful feeling-like the fog that has gathered has gone and do feel  light from the exercise. Just found this today .Just a great feeling! Floss 

  • An ANT problem…   That is exactly what I have.  I just stumbled onto tapping, I don’t even remember how.  I really hope it works.  I don’t want to pass an ANT infestation on to my three pretty terrific kids.  I would rather learn how to exterminate them.

  • I  just tried this 4 times this morning feel a little different will continue to use it to  achieve  my goal.Thank you   for  this  information.Priya

    • We’re glad it’s helping! Keep tapping and “training” those ants! 🙂


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