January 8, 2017 by Cathy Vartuli

Ready to make the most of your weekend?

Ready to make the most of your weekend? 1How is your weekend so far? Would you like a quick tapping to help you ground and enjoy the rest of your day?

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Okay, back to some tapping.

Have you felt that Sunday afternoon crunch? Just when you’re finally relaxing and enjoying yourself, the thoughts, worries, and tasks for Monday start creeping in?

Here are a couple of things we do that help:

1) Write a quick list with the things you need to get done to start Monday off easily.
2) Then cross off the things that are wishful thinking (like get 72 loads of laundry done, reorganize the entire house, and create world peace. We get it… been there, done that… but those things can clog up the works and make sure nothing gets done).
3) Modify, if needed. 72 loads of laundry can become 2 loads that are really needed for tomorrow.
4) Prioritize. And include having downtime (self-care) on that list. We often forget to include that on to-do lists and it’s a great equalizer. How important is the task REALLY, when compared to spending time reading a book, taking a bath, hanging out with friends or your kids, or walking in nature?
5) Look the list over and ask yourself what you would expect a close friend to do. Is it reasonable for any normal person? If not, modify again, as if you were doing it for a friend.

Now ground yourself… Take a deep breath and wiggle your toes. Get in your body and notice how your body feels.

Ask yourself about the highest priority task. Does it feel light and eager or heavy and dreaded?

Write down what your feeling. (My body feels, when I think of this task) ________________________________________________
How intense is it? 0-10 (where 0 is Super easy and 10 is VERY heavy) _________
Where do you feel that in your body? ________________

Let’s Tap! As always, feel free to change the words to fit your situation. And if you’re not sure, tap along with these words–our bodies are really smart and will help us find the truth!

Karate Chop: Even though I feel this feeling in my body when I think of this task… what if I alternated caring for my future self and caring for my present self?
Even though the task feels heavy, I know it would feel great to have it completed for tomorrow…and I invite my body to collaborate with me to get it done.
Even though I’m pretty sure I won’t appreciate all that I get done, what if I DID appreciate it, just for today?

Top of the Head: It does feel heavy.
Eyebrow: I feel like this always is looming over me.
Side of the Eye: What if I got it done rather than dreading it?
Under the Eye: What if I appreciated myself for doing it?
Under the Nose: And didn’t load more work on top as a reward?
Chin: I tend to do that.
Collarbone: Try to get everything done.
Under the Arm: To squeeze the last bit of juice from my body.
Top of the Head: What if I did it differently?

Eyebrow: I can appreciate the things I get done.
Side of the Eye: I can acknowledge the gift of getting this done for my future self…
Under the Eye: …Rather than beating myself up for not getting more done.
Under the Nose: I do that a lot!
Chin: And it doesn’t make things any better.
Collarbone: In fact it makes me not want to do ANYTHING.
Under the Arm: I can change that now.
Top of the Head: I choose to change that today.

Eyebrow: Thank you body. (See if you can really mean this… tune into it, make it more than saying rote words)
Side of the Eye: Thank you mind.
Under the Eye: I know I haven’t always been grateful.
Under the Nose: I send appreciation now.
Chin: And invite you to collaborate with me.
Collarbone: Decide together what to create.
Under the Arm: Rather than being driven by me all the time.
Top of the Head: Thank you for your patience and love.

Take a deep breath.

Now tune back into your body.
What are you feeling now? ________________________________________
How intense is it? _________________________
If you could invite yourself to co-create this task with your body and for your future (Monday morning) self, is it ok to do that? ______________________

If you have a yes, go ahead and get it done! Then congratulate and reward yourself. If you’ve trained yourself to expect more tasks and a heavy helping of blame as motivation, it’s time to give yourself something to look forward to. A pat on the back, a sit down on the couch, a walk out doors… Tune into your body and ask it what would be delightful and delicious and then do it!

And tomorrow, when you notice something you did for yourself, SEND appreciation back-in-time to yourself! It can make the world of difference!

If not, tap through another round, or tap on whatever blocks are coming up.

Investing a bit of time now will start changing your trend for the next week, month, year, decade of your life.

Emerge into nourishing engagement with life, one NOW after another!
Cathy and Rick

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