​​​​YES!! Let’s make a difference in how we REACT

* The replay of “Am I OVER-reacting?” is below

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Here’s the replay of our “Am I OVERreacting?” coaching and tapping session:

We explore and tap on the patterns of OVER-reacting in ourselves and others. We do lots of tapping and shifting of our reactive energies.


How we react dramatically impacts our life experience… I’m so looking forward to exploring this together with you!

Those of us who are co-creating Thriving Now are devoted to Emotional Freedom for All. I believe that how we react (and react to other people’s reactions) determines both our own personal experience of life and also the emotional world we share.

I’m delighted you’ve chosen to explore this more deeply. I invite your insights, questions, and awarenesses either in the comments below or I can be reached, anytime, at Rick@Thrivingnow.com

YES!! Let's make a difference in how we REACT 1
Rick ~ Emotional Freedom Coach



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