​​​​Regret, Shock, and Shame – Healing

Our deepest wish for you this season is for your heart, body, and mind to find profound relief from any and all regrets, shocks, and shames that remain in your emotional world.

~ You Are Loved ~We love you… with all your challenges… all your confusions and moments of chaos.

We love you… with all your clarity, your hopes, your intentions, and your decisions.

We love you right where you are NOW… because we know Life Happens.

Decades go by. We decide and re-decide. Sometimes we have gone with the flow… and found ourselves in a desolate rocky outcropping. Sometimes we’ve analyzed and weighed pro’s and con’s… and it’s worked out BEAUTIFULLY! And other times, it has sucked so bad it hurt hurt hurt.

There have been times our heart wanted desperately to explore a new path… and yet we turned the same ol’ right turn at that over-trampled intersection. The regret was profound.

Moments of utter shock and disbelief rocked our primal brain and left us frozen in… in… in… that unholy place of stuckness.

And then there’s icky sticky shame… feelings so BAD that redemption feels impossible… where life becomes a struggle to just be “worthy enough” to take up space and air and not be abandoned.

Cathy and I have felt all these places. We’ve lived there, been stuck there, known what it’s like to pretend and try mask from others those regrets, shocks, and shame.

Our wish for you to find utter relief has a strong basis in reality. Emotional technologies like Tapping have cleared these energies in millions of ways. (No, not always in a minute… sometimes it’s a lifetime practice just like brushing your teeth is.)

We both became Cuddle Party facilitators because we know that healthy touch is core to feeling connected, safe, loved, and accepted.

We continue the Thriving Now Team where people who really want to EXPLORE living and relating like this can find a happy, healthy circle of acceptance. The team is entering its 11th year… and it’s going to be awesome!

And then there’s this…

If during this solstice and holiday season, you find yourself feeling energies you just don’t know how to cope with yet… we invite you to go within your inner world. And join US in spirit.

Really feel and imagine yourself in Our Circle of Loving Support. Know you are invited… welcomed… and accepted right where you Are.

See Cathy. See me. And let your relationship with us lead you to feel the Presence of other amazing beings from around the world who co-create this Circle and hold it’s Universal Invitation…

If it’s pleasing to you, include Presence from beyond physical… spirit buddies with awesome heart-minds… all intimately connected, curious, and supportive.

You ARE an integral part of our Circle. There’s always a hand to hold to your right and to your left. There’s love in all directions… for You, for Me, for We.

This is the “secret” to my emotional world… to my Thriving in this Now… and the next… and the one sure to come where I’m tired and stressed and really NEED a hand to hold when the house is empty. This is where I “go” — to be together with Us. Indeed, I never tap or cry “alone.” I pray for this comfort and knowing for All.

When we consciously relate together in an emotional world where there are beautiful beings who are energetically Willing to be Present Right NOW… who are powerful and confident enough to accept who we are and what we feel… we heal.

This is the safe space for the healing required by all humans each and every day. And it is here for you. Now. It’s even free.

Blessings and sweet heart connections to you this day… all ways and always,

Rick & Cathy


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