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Oh Wow! Your donation really touches my heart deeply.

Honestly, I can't thank you enough. 

Because... You are volunteering to support what we do here financially. Donations help to affirm our approach to making our work available to anyone anywhere, regardless of their current financial situation. You have my heartfelt thanks.

Together with you and the rest of our "Freedom Kin," we're making strides towards our shared aspiration... making emotional freedom a reality for everyone. We are so powerful together! 

With joy and gratitude, I'm delighted to direct your contribution towards our Stewardship Fund. This fund is a resource for sustainable, long-term growth in the Thriving Now Community.

I eagerly look forward to sharing updates and celebrating with you how your financial energy is being used to co-create, serve, and thrive together.

Sending you the warmest of smiles,

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Rick Wilkes
Emotional Freedom Coach

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