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Rick Wilkes

Rick Wilkes is an EFT Tapping Expert who coaches people of all ages and lifestyle orientations to transform their emotional world so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence. He’s a leader in the development of simple and profoundly effective emotional technologies that release emotional and physical pain. He loves helping clients in over 77 countries by phone, Skype, and internet to feel the clarity of their own inner guidance.

Technology We Use

As technologists with decades of experience, we typically review many different products before making a choice that is right for us to use here at Thriving Now. Below are some of the tools and services we recommend. (Please note that there are often several different options, and while the products listed below are ones we use, there may be better choices for you.)

Support for You!

Are you unsure where to start? Are you feeling stuck and could use a pointer and some encouragement? That’s what we’re here for! If you have a strong desire to thrive… if you want to Transform Your Emotional World… and Live, Laugh, and Love with Confidence… you have found the right place. Let’s get connected. Here are some choices…

Parable of the Thriving Apples

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there lived a very brave young man. Because he also had a deeply compassionate heart, great intellect, a quiet strength, and a quick wit, he was much loved. … Once he was caught in a stampede…