Self-Sabotage: Removing Your Sub-Conscious Blocks


Self-Sabotage: Removing Your Sub-Conscious Blocks (PDF with full transcripts)

Tired of getting in your own way? Want to uncover some of the blocks and fears that are creating conflicts and sabotaging your efforts? This package targets some of the main blocks to self-fulfillment of any kind.

Look at the ways you sabotage yourself and why, understand key reasons people procrastinate and tap them away, look at ways you might subconsciously think you deserve to suffer (and change the beliefs!), and ease internal conflicts that keep you locked in place.

Includes: 4 Coaching & Tapping sessions (MP3 downloads with PDF transcripts):

I Always Sabotage Myself (MP3)

We’ve all gotten in our own way. We feel motivated… excited about moving forward. We have a clear goal in mind. We may even get close, when… WHAM! We do something that puts us back where we started… a bit bruised and feeling defeated. Use this EFT audio to effectively clear the subconscious blocks to feeling safe moving forward with ease.

Self-sabotage is NOT deliberate… It is NOT something you plan out in advance as a calculated strike on your own well-being. It arises from sub-conscious blocks and fears and past experiences (as well as basic human “self-preservation at all costs”). You know these blocks exist when you feel the pain of energetic conflict within you. You start to understand that there is some energy blocking you from experiencing what you desire: in love, in business and finances, in physical well-being.

Procrastination (MP3)

Most of us do this at one time or another. Understanding why and tapping on the blocks we have to moving forward can change our whole viewpoint. Some of the issues addressed in this call include:
– Fear/Deserving/Identity
– Boundaries
– Inner Guidance
– Old Associations
– Ripeness and Babysteps
– Not speaking up for self
– They’ll just as for more, and I’ll have to do it over again anyway

I Deserve to be Punished (MP3)

If we believe we deserved to be punished, our vibration isn’t very high and we may end up creating situations where this happens over and over. By going back and tapping on the reasons we believe this, we can change our energy and create new openings for abundance and joy.
– I deserve to be punished.
– I really did a bad thing.
– Is it a crime to resist punishment?
– Feeling angry (isn’t wrong to be angry?).
– Was I being punished?
– Self forgiveness.

These Internal Conflicts (MP3)

Internal conflicts can tie up a lot of our energy as we fight with ourselves over the right and safe direction to move in. Addressing the root causes of the conflicts can give us new clarity and direction.
– Afraid to celebrate financial abundance
– I want to be liked
– I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to diet
– I want to move forward, but feel like I need permission
– How can I accept myself with all these issues?
– Fighting myself to eat more healthy

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  • Slavoljubka

    You are really very much right about conscious and sub conscious leader in us. And, the second one, that sub conscious part is with the dominant influence. The main thing is, how to come gently to that part, how to cooperate with it, as it is so powerful and capricious. I m delighted to see how you have already created a wonderful way to reach it.
    I have desire to tell you what are my goals. I want to learn and practice EFT, at first place, in order to help myself to improve my health and strength, and than to help my loving ones in their health problems. In two weeks, I ll be the member of educational group of Jasmina Kovacev in Novi Sad, as it is very close to the town Subotica, where I live. I want to practice and practice, and I have a dream to teach one day others in EFT. From the first moment I liked it.
    Love from Ljupka 

  • Dario


              I would like
    to have an honest answer about this.

    I’ve been having money issues for a long time, always
    surrounded with amazing opportunities but every time I get close, it goes away.

    I grew up with money, I read Think and Grow rich probably 25
    times and implemented it, read a long list of “self help” books, Silva method,
    Holosync, NLP, Self hypnosis,  I do
    meditation everyday, affirmations, I’m very positive, I’m very thankful for
    pretty much everything in my life, even had a long session with a master EFT

    I concentrate my thoughts on exactly what I want, I close my
    eyes and imagine and feel the life that I deserve.

    Now would you tell me why my financial situation is worse
    than ever? I even recently lost my vehicle which I need to work.

    I know that I deserve better than this.

    Thank you very much

    • Thriving Now

      Dario, you share about your vibration, and your knowing. Those are all precursors to abundance. You’ve clearly been working on those aspects for a long time.

      And then there is the ACTION journey that flows from our STATE of BEING. If you look at those “amazing opportunities” are they really what is going away, or are you self-sabotaging in some way?

      And would you prefer that abundance “magically appear” or do you really want to engage, co-create, and express yourself in POWERFUL ways that also lead to abundance?


      • Dario

        Thanks for your answer but, yes, I do engage and take action everytime I get any opportunity and never expect for them to magically appear as you said.
        I clearly know is self sabotage but my question is still the same: what do you do when besides what I said in my letter and take action, things get worse?
        HOw do you fix that?


        • Thriving Now

          I don’t know, Dario, what dynamic is at work in your life. We’re exchanging a few messages, and I’m accepting your perceptions as being true for you. Do you have 3 close friends you could ask the question, “What is YOUR theory about why opportunity eludes me and things are getting worse?” That doesn’t mean their input is true; but, it can lead to insight. It’s why coaching is helpful, too, and why for many of my own blocks, I cannot see them as clearly as when I engage regularly with someone I trust. -Rick