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Borrowing Benefits – Pretty Earrings, Pretty Woman, Itchy Heavy Ears – Non-Smoker Except with…

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This teleconference was recorded on Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 10:30am. If you would like to participate in EFT and Emotional Freedom Coaching teleconferences yourself, consider becoming a Thriving Now Team Member.

Borrowing Benefits (Start 05:20) I offer a brief description of how we will use Borrowing Benefits on the teleconference. Borrowing Benefits is how Gary Craig describes tapping along with other people’s sessions while receiving benefit for yourself. I borrow benefits all the time when working with clients, too. As you listen to this or any other teleconference recording, I encourage you to set your intention to benefit yourself for a specific memory that you still find troublesome. 

Pretty Earrings, Pretty Woman, and Itchy, Heavy Ears (Start 09:39) Deb has M.S. and has developed a sensitivity in her ears when she tries to wear earrings. She went through a heavy metal detox protocol some time ago, but now her earrings start to make her ears itch and feel like they are carrying a 10 lb weight. In this session we explored a number of emotional connections to the physical sensations, particularly around the “burden of beauty” and the kind of attention a women receives when she looks and FEELS pretty… even in a wheelchair. The ears respond. Certainly with a condition like multiple sclerosis, there are daily physical and emotional challenges. What is wonderful about EFT when used in this context is that it can lighten the heavy burden on the body even in just a 25 minute period of tapping together. Sure, there is more work to be done on the energetics around inner and outer beauty and feeling calm and confident no matter what. But we all have more to do there, don’t we? (smile)

Non-smoker Except With Other Friends Who Smoke (Start 34:20) Jane is a non-smoker… most of the time. However, when with certain smokers she still smokes. In this session we use one particular person she sees every day, Nancy, who smokes heavily and is confined to her home. We start with the physical sensation Jane feels when she considers NOT smoking at Nancy’s house. As those are relieved, we go deeper into the sensations and smells. We discover that she feels less distress from the smell of smoking when she is smoking herself. So we decided to do an experiment where we relate the fact that while she doesn’t enjoy the smell of cooking meat (since Jane is a vegetarian), she still cooks meat without feeling that she needs to eat it herself along with Nancy. By tapping on this approach, especially before going to Nancy’s as well as during her visit if she feels strain, or after the visit if she smokes, I’m confident Jane can find ease in staying a non-smoker even when with Nancy and others who smoke. There may be other aspects; the good news is that they will show up if they are present, and with EFT they can be neutralized simply, right in the moment.

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