​​​​Relief NOW – What’s Next?

What's Next as you explore Relief NOW?


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Second, Practice the 3 Simple Keys

Keep them at your fingertips. Let them bring you Relief Now... and so much more. Here are the links to them again:

  1. It's at Our Fingertips...
  2. Be WITH+IN Our Body… It’s a “Love Relationship”
  3. Together is Better…
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Third, Consider Joining Our Emotional Freedom Circle

For over 14 years we've had group sessions many times per month. There's an extensive library of coaching and tapping sessions. And so much more. It's on an affordable gliding scale, too.

Most of all, our circle is an opportunity to do this Together. People like us do this, we connect, we tap, we all grow and find relief. 

We invite you, enthusiastically, to learn more and join us!

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It's ALWAYS Okay to Ask for Help Here!


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