July 5, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

Skeptical About Tapping Acupoints

If acupuncture is so good for you and the Chinese have been using it for 5000 years, why did the ancient Chinese only live half as long as modern man? Does that mean tapping on meridian acupoints isn’t really helpful? — Marty

Skeptical About Tapping Acupoints 1It is very likely true that the average ancient Chinese lived half as long as modern man. And in ancient times, the elite and educated in China had access to acupuncture but certainly not everyone.

It was tough to live long and prosper in European countries as well. In Europe, sewage was dumped out windows onto the street and into rivers. They didn’t know much about sanitation and didn’t have the resources to keep clean the way we do. Even a few hundred years ago, drinkable running water in a house was extremely rare. Many people struggled just to find enough food. All this made them susceptible to disease and left them less resilient.

But that really is the PAST. From our perspective, tapping helps people improve emotionally, physically, and vibrationally from where they are. We have so much more abundance than we did in the past. Those of us who use tapping today are doing so from a new vantage point where we consciously choose to shift our vibration from dis-ease to one of calm confidence. It an approach that incorporates self-honesty, intention, and affirmation… alongside the stimulation of the acupoints.

It’s Okay To Be Skeptical… And Try It For Yourself Anyway

The question we have for you is how do you feel when you tap? Do you feel more relaxed and happy? Most people do.

So even if tapping doesn’t extend your life (and reducing stress is strongly linked longer life), it can certainly make it more enjoyable and happier!

You can even try tapping on your doubts about tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I’m not sure that tapping works, and it might be a waste of time for me, I choose to examine the data and come up with an answer that feels right for me personally.

Even though I’m pretty skeptical, I do want to feel better, and it might be worth testing out to see how it makes me feel.

Even though I’m not sure this is for me, no one’s making me do this! I can try it out if I want, and decide for myself.

Top of the Head: I’m not sure about this tapping stuff.
Eyebrow: I don’t know if EFT is for me.
Side of the Eye: That’s okay.
Under the Eye: It’s pretty fast to learn.
Under the Nose: I can try it out and see how I feel.
It does seem kind of silly.
Collarbone: But it doesn’t hurt.
Under the Arm: What if it helps?

Top of the Head: It’s okay if I’m skeptical!
Eyebrow: A lot of people are when they start.
Side of the Eye: I can give it a try
Under the Eye:
And decide for me.
Under the Nose: What if it helps?
So what if it doesn’t?
Collarbone: I’m open to finding something that helps.
Under the Arm: What if this is another tool for my toolbox… one that I can always have at my fingertips?

Top of the Head: I’m still not sure.
Eyebrow: And that’s okay.
Side of the Eye: It may be silly
Under the Eye:
But I do feel a little more relaxed!
Under the Nose: I like that.
I can decide for myself.
Collarbone: Is this something I want to explore?
Under the Arm: It’s okay if I have doubts.
Top of the Head: I can see what works for me!

Take a deep breath.

Skeptical About Tapping Acupoints 2Just notice how your body feels after you tap. Does it feel more relaxed and less resistant? What else helps you feel better this fast (that doesn’t involve food, alcohol, or a credit card)?

If it feels worthwhile to you, we have a lot of resources to get you started. Our EFT/Tapping Guide is a great place to start. And our Group Coaching Program can help you get up to speed quickly and easily. Most of us find connection and shared ideas inspiring and insightful!

One of our fundamental values at Thriving Now is Freedom… for you to individually find what is your own guidance. We know EFT/Tapping can work and does work for many, and we also know that nothing is right for everyone. If you like this approach, we have lots more you can explore on this site. And if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our free newsletters and learn more about Tapping, Freedom, and Feeling Alive and Engaged!

  • Eft helps me to feel more awake and alive

  • Bud Thompson says:

    EFT does a lot of things good for me…
    This was an awesome
    explanation to this man..  many people have asked me this too…My wife is
    Chinese and comes from a family of Chinese traditional medicine doctors. 
    Cupping and Acupuncture are a way of life for them.. as Chinese food therapy.. 
    She and my step son have told me  how the royalty had access to most of these
    secrets or monks .. 

    Living to be 40 in
    Europe and even here used to be a huge feat..  thanks for your great


    Bud Thompson..
    Sacramento CA

    • That’s one of the biggest contributions Gary Craig made… when he went AGAINST his mentor and said, “This tapping can be a Universal Healing Aid that everyone should have access to.”

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