September 1, 2019 by Rick

Knee-Jerk Reaction!

Knee Jerk Reaction

Do you ever have a knee-jerk REACTION that you really want to change?  

If YES, well, you’re human. 😉

And all humans also have a primitive (lizard) brain that can “take over” and have us reacting in ways that are not what we want!

I’m developing a series of EFT Tapping sequences around the reactions people have that unsettle them. I know from experience that we can shift reactions into healthy responses if we follow an effective process. If you’re willing to contribute to this project, that would be AWESOME! Use the form below or email me:


YES! I want to continue to explore together how to adapt my reactions and feel Emotionally Free

Those of us who are co-creating Thriving Now are devoted to Emotional Freedom for All. I believe that how we react (and react to other people’s reactions) determines both our own personal experience of life and also the emotional world we share.

If you both want to feel more free yourself AND help make the emotional world a more nourishing place, I invite you to click here and join this exploration.

I can be reached, anytime, at

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Rick ~ Emotional Freedom Coach



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