October 21, 2004 by Thriving Now Support

Persistence pays off in EFT use for multiple sclerosis

Sophia Cayer shares a multiple sclerosis case study working with “Harry,” who has had more than a few health challenges:

At the age of 10, he fell 25’ down a hay shoot onto a concrete pad, landing on his tail bone. Multiple accidents over the years added to the challenges and pain. He has been through 16 major operations, for his back, neck, and even cancer. He has so much metal in his body that he sets off radar detectors. In addition to suffering multiple major emotional traumas, several years ago he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

As the result of all this, over the years, Harry says he has taken just about every prescription drug on the market for pain, (including morphine) and even became addicted to some. The addictions were severe enough that he was forced to enter treatment centers. On occasion he could walk from his home to the mailbox and back without crutches. He couldn’t ride in a vehicle for more than 10 miles without excruciating pain and discomfort.

Harry had reached rock bottom; he was ready to die if a path back to health did not appear soon. He and his wife prayed for an answer, and EFT and Sophia re-appeared in their lives. (I encourage everyone to honor and trust such “coincidences.”) 

This article points out that Harry’s condition did not change overnight. He tapped regularly and persistently. He had professional support. His professional support followed up with him, to help him reconnect to the success he had with EFT when he stopped communicating and started considering suicide once again. They covered NUMEROUS aspects of his chronic pain, both physical and emotional. And Harry showed a lot of courage and willingness:

“There were days and times when the emotional intensity seemed almost too much for Harry, but we worked through it, with his insistence that he was ready to off load anything keeping him from healing.”

Harry found a way using EFT to not only face his pain, he found a way to release his pain. Clearly, support of a professional was invaluable to Harry; healing from chronic disease without a circle of support (beyond a spouse) is extremely challenging. I know.

Harry’s results are more than just encouraging. They are inspiring!

After being on disability for twenty-four years, (yes, I said and meant 24 years) he is working a full time job. Not a desk job, but one that requires physical effort most of the day. He continues to tap on a daily basis, no less than 3 or 4 times a day, and we still work together a couple of hours a week. His wife is still whining that she can’t keep up with him. When they get home at night she is ready to rest and relax while he is still full of energy! Yes, we are working on getting her into persistent tapping as well!

The causes of multiple sclerosis remains a mystery. Our western medical research is exploring genetic tendencies, exposure to toxins and pathogens, and other pathways. Like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other mystery diseases, the traditional western approach has left us baffled and frustrated. But…

WHAT IF one of the central contributors to these conditions is an imbalance in the energy system?

WHAT IF medication is not the way to reach and address these energetic disruptions?

WHAT APPROACHES CHANGE when we look at the body as a quantum field of energy and information (that can and does become disrupted), rather than just looking at it as a sack of bones, tissues, and organs floating in a biochemical soup within a sack of skin that needs to be fixed by some outside agent or procedure?

WHAT IF our body’s natural healing processes can be unblocked by addressing all the emotional and physical aspects with something as simple as EFT affirmations and tapping?

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