March 29, 2020 by Rick

Pain Relief Tonight!

Pain Relief Resources from Thriving Now

We have a 5-day Tapping with EFT to Accelerate Pain Relief email mini-course. You can sign up for the free series with the form to the right:

Day 1: Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW — That’s today!

Day 2: Trauma and Pain — How old traumas (big and small) can contribute to your pain today, and what you can do to permanently free yourself.

Day 3: Three Subconscious Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Life — We’ll explore ways to identify destructive beliefs and show you how tapping can clear them so you feel better.

Day 4: Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State — When you’re in stuck in overwhelm, suffering, or despair, your body becomes depleted. By tapping to reduce the intensity of the emotions, you shift your body into a state of self-healing.

Day 5: What Does Your Pain Have to Say? — We’ll show you how to tune into your body and get the best and most accurate guidance available… that which flows from your own inner truth… your own Inner Healer.

Frozen Trauma in the body-mind plays a significant role in causing us pain, magnifying our suffering, and keeping us from healing. Cathy and I have free presentations that explain how and ways we go soothing these energies in our trauma relief center.


We describe there how to use Inner Tapping to help clear trauma. You can work through that on your own (one of the things I do like about tapping), but I will offer that for my Big Traumas from my past, having a skilled facilitator made with me, supporting me, steadying me, witnessing me, and encouraging me… made ALL the difference. Cathy and I are privileged to work with clients in the role of facilitator/coach both privately and in our empowering group work. If this is a good option for you, you can learn more here:

Private Sessions

Group Coaching

We also have an index of helping articles and tapping scripts on pain relief here:


Whew! One more…

Carol Look and I co-created a comprehensive Pain Relief with EFT program. It includes dozens of short tapping scripts and audios. I’ve used those scripts myself in the past when an injury flared up… or I felt the desperation that comes from chronic pain. I do still have pain at times. The difference is that the PANIC isn’t there. I feel more in-tune with my body and what the pain signal is saying. It’s made it possible for me to re-engage physically in life in ways I never imagined possible (and in ways my back surgeon from 1999 probably wouldn’t believe). I offer it for your consideration, with my deepest wishes for your relief from any suffering and angst.


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    beejayconrad says:

    I loved your presentation – it was so sensitive and positive and insightful. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I can use it for myself and my patients. I also shared this with my massage therapist.

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