January 10, 2005 by Thriving Now Support

Mom uses EFT to improve ski performance

The “mental game” in sports can make the difference between winning and losing. We all know that. We see how much effort professionals and serious amateurs invest in coaching and training to perfect their mental approach to the sport. Watching the Olympics, one can see how some highly talented athletes end up doing poorly—not for lack of skill but because their emotions reached a point where they interfered with their ability to execute with precise, calm confidence.

But you say you are not a professional athlete… You just want to ski or play some other game without feeling fear. Coaching in EFT can help tremendously! In the article Mom uses EFT to improve ski performance, EFT practitioner Marian Slaman briefly describes her use of EFT on the ski lift to help her feel confident skiing some of the faster slopes.

There is a part of our primitive wiring that remembers that if we fall and break a leg, which is more likely on steep, icy slopes than on flat grassy plains, we would likely die or remain severely crippled. Ten thousand years ago, or even a few hundred years ago, that was true. Today, we choose to risk our body in sports that we enjoy, recognizing that both our equipment protects us and that in all but the rarest of cases, our risk of permanent, unrepairable injury and death is low.

Our body doesn’t always believe this!

It sees the slope, feels the speed, the moving towards the “edge of control” and raises the panic flag. Yet, if it is our CHOICE to be on the slope, and our goal is to relax and enjoy the experience… within the prudent limits of our capability… then the rise in anxiety actually increases our risk of injury! It can only succeed in “protecting” us if it gets intense enough to cause us to freeze or turn away in fear. In this way, we set up a struggle between our survival instinct and our choice to enjoy the sport.

This is where EFT can help tremendously. Tapping as Marian did on the chair lift as she started feeling the situational anxiety puts the whole body into a state of consistency.

“Even though I feel this anxiety as I think about going down that fast slope, I choose to be calm and confident no matter what.”

By removing the noise and flood of fear chemicals, the body can execute with relaxed grace and precision. This isn’t making us stupid, and it won’t eliminate normal caution. What it will do is help anyone perform at their best. The approach is the same for skiing as for swimming, sky diving, baseball, tennis, horseback riding, golf, you name it. I’ve used this technique with myself, my family, and with clients with great success. And since EFT can be learned and easily applied, it can become quick and natural part of your preparation.

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