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Our Thriving Now Team Leaders volunteer to help facilitate study groups and special call series, welcome new team members, and support the group with encouragement, wisdom, and compassion. We’re honored to have them as leaders in our Circle of Support. We encourage you to join the team and engage with them… we’d love to have you with us! –Rick & Cathy


About Simone Loehndorf

SimoneI believe that relationships constitute the core of our lives; at least they are what make me tick – with all their messy complexity. I’m a person, woman, mother, wife, friend, lover of life, in my early forties, passionately curious about how we can live thriving, meaningful, fulfilling lives together with the people we choose to have around us. My yearning is to enjoy life, to create and connect, not only at those times when we’re experiencing a lovely flow, but especially when life is difficult. When we’re meeting inside or outside challenges, which seems to me, and I’m saying this without any cynicism whatsoever, to be most of the time. Maybe that’s an inescapable part of living life fully – to feel it ALL. DEEPLY.

I live in Sweden with my husband and three teenage boys. Our lives changed dramatically when my husband had a severe stroke in April 2013. Our whole family is now on a challenging healing journey and I’m eagerly figuring out and happily sharing how to meet and enjoy life with an open heart, despite pain and difficulties. It’s my biggest mission and occupation.

Rick Wilkes, Cathy Vartuli, and members of the Thriving Now community have been / and still are of invaluable support on my healing journey. Having had the privilege of Rick and Cathy’s coaching in combination with EFT tapping for two years before the unthinkable happened to my husband, my previously heavy backpack of big and small traumas, was light at the time. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the first year of shock and grief without the incredible support I have gotten here. Now I am ready to share, support, and tap through challenges with other Team Members. I hope to connect with you on one of the calls I’m co-creating!

I’m eagerly and vulnerably sharing reflections on life in my blog, which you can find here: http://eclectictree.me/ — If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by email: simoneautumn@gmail.com


About Dave Bryant

DaveBryantJoining the Thriving Now team nearly 4 years ago has been one of the most influential experiences of my 77 years. It has reinforced my capacity for vulnerability and has encouraged me (from a profoundly accepting place) to discover my purpose in life. And it turns out to be about love and relationships. I place the highest value on connection with people who project the traits of safety, respect and curiosity (no surprise that the TN team fits that bill!), and my purpose is to learn (yup, still learning) to give and to receive love with all such people.

Side notes: passions include working as an EFT research coach with the Veterans Stress Project providing 6 free one-on-one tapping sessions with veterans with PTSD; Zumba and Argentine Tango, table tennis, writing (and publishing) poems, and growing most of what Lucy and I consume in large organic gardens on 50 acres in western New York. Life is good.

I’d love to hear from you. Wellness.dave.bryant@gmail.com, or 716-410-3019


About Jean Maurie

jeanmaurieHi, I’m Jean Maurie.  I’ve had a lifelong adventure with panic and anxiety which led to Agoraphobia – fear of standing in lines, attending meetings, eating in restaurants and more.  My world shrunk.  I tried different therapies all which helped a little. Then I discovered EFT and began tapping. My world began to open up and I learned to love myself even through fearful times. Panic and anxiety doesn’t speak to me much anymore and I use this wonderful tapping tool in all areas of my life.

I am so grateful for Rick and Cathy and our tribe for being instrumental in helping with my healing. I look forward to tapping with you during our study groups here on Thriving now and sharing my story.  If I can heal, so can you! You can get in touch with me by email at Jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com or my website http://angelsloveyou.com/


About Paula GrahamPaulaphotoI am a recovering perfectionist, a painter and writer who used to get very blocked and even more cranky. Thriving Now has been my oasis for many years, with Rick and Cathy, helping me navigate creative blocks, hard life events like the death of my husband, as well as traumatic times from my past. Tapping helps me soften the voice of my inner critics so I can hear my inner creator and value what she wants to bring into the world. As part of my getting-started ritual, tapping eases me into my studio to get to work; it soothes my energy when studio time feels like grit.

In addition to painting and writing, I teach Wu Ming Qigong for weight loss and wellness. I make my home in Oxford, PA where I tend my vegetable and flower gardens. I enjoy life, especially cooking, surf fishing and nature sketching. My highest dream is to help others access the gifts of universal energy, vibrant health and full creative expression.

I love the support of our Thriving Now team and connecting with creative spirits, even when they’re in cranky mode. I would enjoy hearing from you: paula@paulagrahamart.com

www.creativitybuzz.com, www.wakeupqi.com, www.paulagrahamart.com


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