September 8, 2005 by Thriving Now Support

Low Back Pain and Core Fear Released with EFT

This brief article from Gary Craig’s EFT website website points out the value of aiming EFT at important emotional issues when physical pain persists.  Please note how she used “Even though this should be working, it’s not and I don’t know why…” as a means to discover the core issue.

By Debbie Falzon

These techniques are amazing. I use EFT on a daily basis and honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

I thought you might find this interesting – it gave me real insights on how important emotional issues can be to physical problems.

About 18 months ago my daughter, Richelle, was seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors were running numerous tests and were treating her for meningococcal and meningitis. I was a mess emotionally and that first night I could hardly walk because of my lower back pain (I had a car accident in 1985 and have suffered with neck and back problems as a result ever since).

When I returned home I used a bioresonance system, a meridian device I came across many years ago. It also works on the meridian system but its benefits are limited to physical issues only. (I used this system with clients as well as on myself and family with remarkable results prior to using EFT. However, there were times when clients would progress so far but wouldn’t respond past a certain point and that’s when I started looking into EFT.)

I was using the system every few hours and applying EFT to everything I could think of as well as the lower back pain and neck stiffness and, although it was helping, I couldn’t get below an intensity level 4 or 5 – very frustrating.

As I lay there I started to tap on “even though this should be working, it’s not and I don’t know why” I had a flash of myself in the hospital when I was 7 months pregnant with Richelle. I had reduced movement and needed complete bedrest. I had been overdoing things and was afraid I was going to lose her. When she was born she screamed from sun up to sundown. She had colic, an intolerance to lactose and gastric reflux. She used to hold her breath and go blue in the face. It terrified me and I was convinced I was going to lose her.

When I tapped on “my fear of losing Richelle” my lower back pain and neck stiffness completely vanished. This just absolutely blew me away.

What Debbie did here is use EFT persistently on the pains in her back and neck. They reduced somewhat, but they wouldn’t go below a 4-5. Now, some who are just starting with EFT might figure that “EFT isn’t working.” The way I see it is that “You can’t get to that specific pain through that door; try another door!”

By tapping on the frustration, “Even though this should be working, it is not, and I don’t know why” (to which I would generally add “I choose to be open to knowing what to do next”), Debbie’s inner guidance revealed an image that had powerful emotions. Those powerful emotions offered a doorway into the energy system. She identified a core survival fear (often located in the low back): a mother’s fear of losing her child. Tapping on that and the pain completely vanished. This can be such a surprise when it happens the first time. After seeing this type of release happen for dozens of clients, I am just grateful when the right “door” opens.


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