September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

How Long Do We Store Pain?

How long does our body hold onto events and memories that upset our energy balance? In this report on heaviness in the legs, Alyson Raworth reports that a client suffered for FIFTY YEARS with heaviness in her legs and back pain. Using EFT on the specific presenting symptoms of pain, a childhood trauma eventually came forth. This happens so often when using EFT. It is as if the body knows that you have found something that can help, and it joins in with just the right information. Here is the report:

Client was a long standing friend who had been to Doctors, a Specialist and even had a scan to try and eliminate soreness and heaviness in both legs which prevented her from walking long distances and distressed her. She is now in her late 50’s, so we are talking about nearly 50 years of carrying this around with her.

Her EFT wording was “Tension in legs” which felt like “heaviness”. I showed her the technique using EFT and tapped along with her. We tapped for heaviness, tiredness and tension.

After a few rounds we linked eventually to a childhood trauma. As I did not want to invade her privacy, we did silent tapping on client’s private memory! A couple of rounds later client had feelings of amazement that childhood abuse was the start of “these growing pains”- (these were the actual words given to the child by abuser when she had complained at age 8).

We tapped on this issue and then for forgiveness of abuser, and she had an “Ahhh” (gottcha) and a big smile appeared and at that point the pain just went away. (Also she had back pain which was at an intensity level of 7 and it went to 0 as well although it wasn’t even addressed.) Amazing!

Result: intensity level down to 0. 3 Months later:  No leg pain whatsoever after long day walking and back pain gone completely.

Does this seem miraculous to you? I define miracle as something “good” that happens that we don’t yet understand. Rain used to be a miracle; now it seems commonplace. Instant relief from physical and emotional pain still seems like a miracle or magic (and tapping with our fingertips just looks TOO WEIRD to work, right?). Yet, as we come to understand the power of the body’s energy system to heal, once the power disruptions are restored, such stories will become commonplace. Indeed, I look forward to a time when we know that we can recover from traumas in short order using easily accessible doors into the energy system and techniques like EFT.

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