October 23, 2014 by Cathy

What does your heart crave?

You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet for the last 6 weeks… There have been a lot of changes going on, and we’ve been using the insights along the way to prepare a new set of gifts for you.

We know you have a courage and a longing to make a difference. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

I think you’re a lot like us — your heart craves a path to make the world a better, more loving and abundant place for you, those you love, and even those you’ve never met.

Rick and I delight in connecting with you and others like you. We know if we can help you further your goals and dreams… we also fulfill on our mission of helping anyone who chooses love, freedom, and inspiration.

As I’ve moved from being a full time engineer to a heart-centered strategist and coach the last month, I’ve been neck deep in many of the fears people like us face. Moving closer to your dreams… to your Authentic Self… and aligning with those dreams is incredibly fulfilling, and very, very vulnerable.

I’ve had those dark nights of the soul where I wondered if I was making the right choice… if I’d be angry at myself, if I was ruining my life and creating a path of regrets. I’ve wondered if I had the heart and the courage to make these changes and to offer myself to the world. I’ve wondered if I had value and was good enough to make a living touching lives…without the structure and support of being an engineer.

Beautiful Woman Doing Breath Exercises With An Autumn BackgroundI’ll be sharing some of the ways the Universe has been holding up bright signs cheering me on in the next emails, and we’ll be offering some new insights and doorways to you. And we’ll be sharing the approaches and techniques that can let you walk through your dark nights much quicker… so you can get to the juicy, creative, and empowering side of transformation…where abundance can touch your heart and fill your bank account.

Before every call, and every email, I ask the Universe to let me be of service. I invite you to join me in adding a new ending inspired by some powerful beings who’ve been guiding me on my path:

“Universe, please let me be of service, and please support me beautifully along the way.”

Thank you for being with us on this journey of discovery and magical change. Your hearts inspire us!

Cathy and Rick

P.S. We invite you to reply and let us know what your heart craves. Sharing this “out loud” with others who care can help the Universe tune and create your path.

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