​​​​Attending a Zoom Audio/Video Event with Thriving Now

How to Attend a Thriving Now Event ~ Worldwide & Live on Zoom Video/Audio

Attending a Zoom Audio/Video Event with Thriving Now 1Our group and event coaching sessions are held on the www.Zoom.us video and audio conferencing service. You can attend by phone or by computer/smart phone (preferred). You will have the option to share your video (not required) if participating by computer/smart phone, and on those devices you will also see participants and hosts that have their video turned on.

If you will be using your Apple Mac or PC computers, the Zoom program will be downloaded automatically the first time you attend a Zoom session. For smart phones download the appropriate app for Apple iOS or Android (click the link that matches your phone).

Join Zoom Meeting by Computer or Smart Phone

If using a computer or smart phone, you will use the link shown for the session to join the meeting 5 minutes before the start time. On computers to raise/lower your hand to volunteer, click “Participants” and there is a hand raise button below the participant list. On phones you may see a [ … ] at the bottom; touch that and the raise hand is there.

Most sessions will be at this link unless otherwise indicated:


Or… Join Zoom Meeting by Telephone

Call Phone Number: +1 720 707 2699
…or find local international number: https://zoom.us/u/acsaaNXqoP
When prompted enter Meeting ID: 828 357 4674# (unless otherwise specified in the schedule)
No participant ID is needed so press # when asked

*6 – Toggle mute/un-mute
*9 – Toggle raise/lower hand

Important Notes

We’re on Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). (Same timezone as Washington DC.) You can convert these times to your timezone using https://www.timeanddate.com.

– We start on time and appreciate those who are able to arrive a few minutes early. That said, you are welcome to arrive and leave at any point during the session.
– If you are the first to arrive, you will hear silence. If other callers are on the line, feel free to chat before the call.
– After the initial few minutes of greeting participants, we will mute everyone to reduce background noise. The host will typically unmute and mute participants automatically.
– Raise your hand to volunteer for coaching/tapping using the Raise Hand option on the Participants list (computer) or under the [ … ] option at the bottom of the app (smart phone). Choosing it again will lower your hand.
– Know the EFT Tapping Points before the call.
– Call from a quiet place where you will be able to tap along.
– Please be prepared to be as concise and specific as possible.
– We encourage you to be as open as you like. However, use your judgment when sharing specifics about other people (names, places, etc.) and any ongoing legal issues.
– You are welcome to use any ‘nickname’ you want during the sessions if that makes you feel more comfortable.
– All sessions are recorded and made available for replay. Recordings for special topics and workshops will be available for download and may also be used in part or in their entirety through other channels and in Thriving Now LLC publications sold separately. By participating in the sessions, you acknowledge this.
– Tap along with everyone! Borrow benefits for your own issues by tapping along with others… even if the presenting issue doesn’t “seem” to apply to you. Your energy system has the intelligence to connect to your feelings and beliefs and bring you relief… and it keeps your vibrational trend moving towards total well-being and a thriving life.

See Also: Anxiety About Participating (Listen and tap along with these recordings)

Our Private Facebook Group
We’ve created a private group on Facebook for us all to interact who are part of the Thriving Now Community. If you use Facebook, Ask to Join Group (button in the upper right). Once we’ve validated your access, feel free to ask questions and share thoughts. It is also a place where you’ll be able to start connecting with other like-minded folks! https://www.thrivingnow.com/facebook-group

We know some people do not use Facebook, and also that sometimes we all need a private ear for some encouragement or coaching. You can email to support@thrivingnow.com if for any reason the topic isn’t something you feel comfortable sharing in our private Facebook group or on a coaching call.

If you have suggestions on how we can really support you in emerging into the fullness of your Thriving Life, please let us know. Thanks so much! It’s an honor and pleasure to have you with us…

Looking forward to being with you!

Warm smiles,

Attending a Zoom Audio/Video Event with Thriving Now 2





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