July 28, 2011 by Rick

How Have You Used EFT Tapping To Change Your World?

We invite you to share how you have used EFT Tapping successfully to transform your world… to help you live, laugh, and love with greater confidence. Leave a comment below and you may win a free one-month team membership ($47 value)!


  • I’ve used EFT in a thousand ways. One memorable one was when I was learning to paraglide. We’d done training on a hill, and now was the time to “run off the mountain” and do my first long run.

    My fellow student went first, and had a great ride until I hear over the radio that he discovered the one and only briar patch in the WHOLE FIELD for his landing.

    I could feel my body start to tense up. So I took about 2 minutes and just tapped. All the tapping I’ve done in other circumstances kicked in, too, and my body became not just “relaxed” but focused, present, stronger, confident.

    The ride that followed was glorious. Tapping helped me to BE a confident student, even at a time where having butterflies would have been “normal.” I prefer being ABNORMALLY calm and confident. 😉  -Rick


  • Hi there. My name is Mickey and i live in Israel. I came across EFT a few years ago and learned everything possible about this method ever since.

    I want to tell you a story about how i helped a good friend with EFT and changed his life forever..

    This man (63) could not touch other men, not even with a friendly hug or a hand shake. He even could not hug his own sons….When i talked with him about this situation he told me his story from early days of his youth.  When he was 13 years old he was raped by other men, which of course was a very traumatic experience. He dragged this trauma all his life.

    I did tapping with him for about 45 minutes in which he started from being so badly overwhelmed that i had to tap for him and talk for him. It took 2 rounds of tapping for him to start crying. This was the breaking point for him, holding all of this inside for so many years. As a new tapper myself i was also overwhelmed but i kept doing the tapping by the book…
    After 5 rounds he stopped crying and started tapping himself with my guidance.
    After the 7th round – he reached 0 !!!

    Being good friends we attend social events together.
    2 weeks after our tapping sessions we meet on a wedding of a mutual friend.
    Suddenly – I noticed the miracle…he mingled among the people, shake hands with EVERYONE and then it came:  he went to the father of the groom…and gave him the HUG of his life!!!!!!!

    Needless to say i was in tears and no one understood why….

    The great part of all of this was that he didn’t notice he was hugging a man…it was so natural….
    By the time he realized what he did a few minutes later he sent me the most wonderful smile i have ever seen….

    Tapping is many times a life’s saver…

    Thank you Gary Craig!!

    Thank you Rick and Cathy for your most inspiring newsletter which i enjoy very much and find it very useful.

    THANK YOU!!!


  • well, a skeptic I arrived, and a skeptic I will never be again. I believe God likes tapping and has helped me through it. Not small help, but help to survive serious illness, sorrow and defeat. I was one of the lucky ones that went out on Faith, believing this tapping thing was RIDICULOUS, but getting results almost immediately. At the same time those results were nice, but they only encouraged me to go on and unfold my various healing’s . Those have and are taking time, but time in an always improving world.The changes were so amazing that my husband started the tapping with me, and he and I are changed for ever. I have to go now, since it is our tapping time. Krtistine


  • I’ve experienced numerous benefits from tapping.  If I tried to summarize, I think the biggest benefit I’ve found is my ability to remain calm and centered as I experience my daily life.  All the same stuff still happens…I still commute to work in one of the heaviest traffic centers in the country, I still work for a large corporation, I still have a mortgage, but how I FEEL about my life has changed completely!  Stuff that used to leave me feeling reactive and anxious is now kept in appropriate context, rather than allowed to take over and create panic.  And that has changed everything. 🙂



    • That’s wonderful, Liz! For me it was the way that tapping changed my Emotional World — the way I responded emotionally to the Usual Everyday Sh-tuff — that has made all the difference. Thanks for sharing with us. -Rick


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    Mary Strand says:

    I’m new to tapping and tried the free pain relief series on a bone spur on my right hip that has bothered me for years.  ONE session and the pain is gone–that was 10 days ago–and it hasn’t returned. 


  • I want to thank you so much for your help and support.I used tapping on many things.I am blessed to get to know this technique and am gratefull for it.It helped me a lot for my emotinal problems and to get me stronger on inner level ,to overcome some things I could not before and that were bothering me,for stress and negative beliefs and thoguhts.I did tapping on tv movies,some movies would trigger unpleasnt emotions so I did on that.I feel EFT helps me to feel more in charge of my self and having some controll of things I couldnt before.Now I know how to help my self and aslo I feel its helping in spirituall way,cleans the inner rubish:).I tapped on negative believs and fears.I tapped also on behalf of others and it feels diferent.I am having also better relationships,more love in my self.

    Thats all


  • Hello Rick and Cathy,
    I have been using EFT for a number of years and just love the results that I continue to get. I have been tapping on weight issues knowing there was some unerlying issue that was not quite ready to show up and be released. After tapping through your newsletter I realised why I had the extra kilos and why it hadn’t been safe to loose them!
    Whooaa! What a relief to finaly get to the core issue, now for some more tapping and some more unloading!
    Thank you for helping so many of us with our issues!
    Love and peace to you both


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    The mushroom lady says:

    Hi folks,
    Thanks for all the advice and help I’ve received from you. Tapping has boosted my self confidence no end! After seperating from my husband I felt like I was nothing and it’s taken me years and years to come to a point of realizing that I am a worth while human being. EFT has been the “cherry on the top”. Thanks once again.


  • Hi Cathie and Rick

    yesterday I tapped that short sequence on eating too much – and this morning, not tapping (yes, there are times during the day when I do NOT tap ;-)) a helpful idea came to my mind – and then I tapped it:  
    Even though I eat more than my body needs to reach and remain my ideal body weight…..
    even though I eat more than my body needs to function well………
    even though I eat more, at times much more, than my body is comfortable with…..
    ok, so far nothing really new………
    after maybe a round or two with the above topics
    I changed to: even though I eat more than my body needs and is comfortable with I now choose to allow myself to listen to the body
                             ……..I am open to the subtle messages of my body
                             …….. I stop and listen to the answers
    eyebrow etc.:  dear body, what do you need to stay healthy slim and well?
                       what do you really need
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer)  I need to be appreciated                  
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) i need more water
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) I need you to chew each bite well
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) I need you to savour each bite
                       what do you need, dear body, I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) i need more sleep
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) i need less coffee and more water
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) I need more oxygen
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer) i need you to breathe slower and deeper, at least once an hour or so
                       I am listening now
    (pausing for answer)  I want us to dance to lively music

    I am quite aware of th fact that these answers of my body are pretty much the same as ‘weight loss gurus’ suggest; there is one huge difference – these wishes of my body come from the inside

    much love from Switzerland


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    carol Moore says:

    may I add a nedative?  I have tried tapping ever since i sent for gary craigs tapes .  so far  no luck with any of it working for me.  what am i doing wrong?


    • Hi Carol, can you give me a specific? What you are tapping for, what you notice in your body before and after 2-3 tapping rounds? -Rick


    • Hi Carol

      you might not be emotionally connected to the issues you are tapping on. I suggest you find a practitoner in your area and give yourself the gift of a few personal sessions.
      all the best


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