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Carol Look: Claiming Abundance

By Carol Look (visit her at

The final focus of the Success and Abundance Series is embracing and claiming abundance in your life.  Many people clear the blocks to abundance and success and then reject the opportunities when they fall in their lap.  If financial success, healthy relationships and wonderful opportunities come your direction and you push them away, what’s the point?  For each series, I instruct class participants to examine any remaining blocks they might have in their lives that continue to keep them stuck (in love, health, or money) or in financial hardship.

One of the callers during Class #4, “Fran,” said every time she attracts more abundance and success into her life she becomes overwhelmed and then sabotages herself.  She has a hard time asking for help, and tries to do it all.  As a result, she ends up in the same place every time:  exhausted, resentful, and baffled about why her income doesn’t increase. We tapped two rounds of EFT:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I feel overwhelmed when my business increases, I deeply and completely accept my efforts…”

“Even though I feel exhausted, and I sabotage my success, I choose to accept all of me anyway…”

“Even though I sabotage because of my fear, I have decided to feel calm and be organized.”

Eyebrow:  I’m afraid of success
Side of the eye:  No wonder I keep sabotaging
Under the eye:  I don’t really want success
Under the nose:  I can’t stand the pressure
Chin:  I don’t want the responsibility
Collarbone:  Yes I do
Under the arm:  No I don’t
Top of the head:  I choose to accept my success

Then we tapped for another round:

Eyebrow:  I choose to embrace my success now
Side of the eye:  I accept all that comes with my success
Under the eye:  I feel inspired to accept my success
Under the nose:  I love attracting abundance
Chin:  I choose to attract successful opportunities
Collarbone:  I love handling all my success with ease
Under the arm:  I love knowing things are working out for me
Top of the head:  I feel grateful for all my financial success

“Janice” had struggled financially all her life, but was more focused on her lack of success as far as her health was concerned.  She knew these two areas were linked, but wasn’t sure how to address both of them.  She had been suffering from a “chronic” illness which made her so tired she couldn’t work.  This of course led to a spiral of frustrations and problems.  We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I’m afraid to be successful, I choose to feel more energy moving through my body…”

“Even though they’ll expect too much of me if I recover, I accept all of my body and what it needs…”

“Even though I’m afraid to get well, they might demand too much of me, I choose to accept that I have this conflict.”

Eyebrow:  I have a conflict about recovering
Side of the eye: I’m afraid of their demands
Under the eye: I don’t want them to need something
Under the nose:  They’re so needy
Chin: It’s the only way to fend them off
Collarbone:  I need the protection of my illness
Under the arm:  No I don’t…Yes, I do
Top of the head:  I choose to find new ways to protect myself

Then we tapped for a more positive outcome:

Eyebrow:  I love my healthy body
Side of the eye:   I love having so much energy
Under the eye:  I enjoy bringing more energy through me
Under the nose:  I appreciate how strong my body is
Chin:  I appreciate all my talents
Collarbone:  I feel grateful for what I learned
Under the arm:  I’m ready to leave the illness in my past
Top of the head:  I love knowing I’ve started the healing process

We did a final round:

Eyebrow:  I can feel safe and healthy
Side of the eye:  I do feel safe and healthy
Under the eye:  I attract the right opportunities
Under the nose:  I can say “NO” to needy people now
Chin:  I love knowing I have my own power
Collarbone:  I appreciate all the abundance in my life
Under the arm:  I feel inspired to heal now
Top of the head:  I feel grateful for internal guidance and I claim abundance now

“Joseph” told the class he was taught that to want anything is bad and selfish.  He could see that this belief ruined his attempts at “dreaming big” and getting to the place he wanted professionally.  He had all the right skills, he just kept sabotaging himself and blocked his progress.  He remembered his father saying “You’re lucky you have anything at all!  You shouldn’t be focused on wanting anything else…that’s selfish.”  While Joseph had made some progress and slowly expanded his financial comfort zone, he still heard these words ringing in his ears, and felt as if he had “one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes.”

We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I feel selfish for wanting more, I deeply and completely accept my desires…”

“Even though I’m afraid of his disapproval, I choose to approve of myself…”

“Even though I expect him to scold me, I accept all of me and all my desires.”

Eyebrow:  I’m convinced I’m selfish
Side of the eye:  He said I was selfish
Under the eye:  I need his approval
Under the nose:  No, I don’t
Chin:  Yes, I do
Collarbone:  I’m afraid of his disapproval
Under the arm:  I don’t want him to scold me
Top of the head:  I have this belief that desires are bad

Eyebrow:  Desires are bad
Side of the eye: No, they’re not
Under the eye: Yes, they are
Under the nose: No, they’re not
Chin: I’m afraid to admit I have so many desires
Collarbone: Doesn’t that mean I’m selfish?
Under the arm:  I feel ashamed of having desires
Top of the head: I accept that I want more

Then we tapped to resolve this conflict:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I have this conflict about succeeding, I deeply and completely accept all parts of me…”

“Even though I’m afraid I’ll lose him if I want more, I choose to feel safe now…”

“Even though I feel ashamed of this conflict, I realize it’s time to release it now.”

Eyebrow:  I’m ashamed of this conflict
Side of the eye:  This conflict is so strong
Under the eye: I don’t think I can win
Under the nose: What if I can’t change?
Chin: What if I DO change?
Collarbone: I’m afraid to resolve this conflict
Under the arm: I want him to be proud of me
Top of the head:  I want to be happy with myself

Then we tapped a second round:

Eyebrow:  I deserve to succeed
Side of the eye: I deserve to be myself
Under the eye: I am allowed to want and have abundance
Under the nose: We are all entitled to abundance
Chin: I love feeling free to express myself
Collarbone: I love knowing abundance is coming to me
Under the arm: I appreciate all that I have
Top of the head: I feel safe claiming success now

Eyebrow:  I am enough
Side of the eye: I have enough
Under the eye: There is enough
Under the nose: I love feeling grateful
Chin: I am happy I resolved this conflict
Collarbone: I feel grateful that this is in my past
Under the arm: I feel inspired to continue to succeed
Top of the head:  I love attracting abundance in all areas of my life.

My own levels of success with my health, personal and professional relationships, and financial abundance continue to improve as I teach these classes!  I have no doubt that EFT has broken through my financial comfort zones and limiting beliefs.  I am surrounded daily with evidence and proof in my life that EFT is the most powerful tool to neutralize emotional blocks to abundance and success in any area of your life.

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