November 2, 2005 by Thriving Now Support

Dr. Al Sears - Integrative Anti-Aging

Visit the website ( that’s igniting a revolution in medicine. See the unique approach to integrative anti-aging created by Al Sears MD that reverses heart disease, diabetes and obesity and transforms the lives of thousands from around the world. You can view over 300 of Dr. Sears’s health articles, access a comprehensive directory of integrative medicine doctors, get a complete glycemic index list and download a FREE copy of his popular “Youth Secrets” guidebook.

Rick comments: I believe Dr. Sears along with Dr. Mercola are two of the leading educators and physicians in the field of integrative medicine. If I were struggling with heart disease, diabetes, and/or obesity, I would definitely review what Dr. Sears has to say. He has a wealth of articles available on his website as well as a free e-book on Youth Secrets that I recommend you read for some insight into the aging process and how that process can be changed to improve your health and well-being.

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