What Does Your Pain Want To Say?

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By focusing your energy and being open to the flow of information, you might be surprised at the wisdom you receive and the relief your body feels. If you want a deeper connection to your body and some direction about where to go next on your healing journey, we’ll show you exercises and techniques to tune into your body.

This is the outline for the call What Does Your Pain Want To Say?, which is a part of our Body Vitality Workshop as we focus on Body Safety with co-hosts Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli.

Intentions: We’re going to discuss tuning into the body and getting specific information from a particular sensation or aspect of your body, and then we’ll spend the rest of the call tapping on specific examples from those of you who want to dig a bit further, who want a deeper connection to your body and some direction about where to go next on your healing journey.

Disclaimer: Reconnecting with your body is wonderful. But it may bring up a lot of emotions at first. Remember to be responsible for your own safety. If too much is coming up, feel free to get off the call. Do some tapping, or whatever self-calming techniques you use. Get some one-on-one help if you need it. Grounding techniques posted on Thrivingnow.com may be helpful as well. http://www.thrivingnow.com/grounding-exercises/

Pain is a signal that something is out of whack. It is generally related to your body communicating:

1) There is something physically wrong… get help or stop what you’re doing (take your hand off that hot stove!).

2) There is something emotionally wrong, that you need to address in a current situation. (Giving into my boss’s demands is giving me a pain in my neck. Maybe I need to stand up for myself or figure out why I keep backing down).

3) There is old trauma that your body is trying to draw your attention to. (A chunk of tension and memory from when Jimmy pushed me off the swing and told me I was selfish is stored in my hip. Until I release it, my hip is going to flare up anytime I’m reminded of this incident. And it might just hurt all the time if my body knows I need to release it to go with my flow.)

With old traumas, if there is a physical and emotional component, both may have to be addressed before the hurt goes away. Going with the example of Jimmy, if we hurt our leg when we fell, we may have to tap on the physical hurt our body sustained and also the emotions around him pushing us, him hurting us, and him calling us selfish.

As we’ve discussed in other calls, the body will keep escalating the signals until we pay attention… just like a small child will first whisper, then tell, then yell, then shriek for what it needs. If we get rid of the pain, using drugs or other means, without understanding the cause, our bodies are still dealing with the underlying energies. “Getting rid of the pain without addressing the deeper cause would be like shutting off a fire alarm while the fire’s still going.”

What about the books out there that tell you their interpretation of the symbolic meaning of pain in specific areas of the body?
– A couple I’ve used are: Louise Hay “Heal Your Body”
and “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman
– They can be helpful and bring interesting insights. I often use them along with Body Yes and No to see if they resonate. Many of them were compiled by talking to a lot of people with pain in a particular location and seeing what came up the most, what seemed to be the emotional cause for the majority. It is hard for them to be comprehensive and to cover every aspect.
– And at times they are completely NOT applicable to your emotions, energy, and guidance.
– Your body will communicate how it wants to. It hasn’t read those books!

We are focusing on pain, but this technique can be used for red splotches on your skin, excess weight around your belly, a queasy stomach, anything your body could use to signal to you and get your attention.

Let’s start with a SMALL pain or discomfort, just to practice. Close your eyes (if it’s safe to do so) and take a slow deep breath. Let your awareness go within. Ask your body to bring to your attention a low intensity issue. Don’t push it. Just be present with your body for a moment, and let it come to your awareness.

– If you can touch the location of the discomfort without causing more, place your fingertips on the point. If you can’t reach that spot, just focus your attention on it.
– Ask, “what do you want to tell me?”
– Be quiet a moment and let any emotions or thoughts flow. Realize that your body may whisper at first, since it may not be used to being heard. Imagine you are listening to a scared child tell you what frightened it. Demands and shoving won’t help. Quiet, patience and calm will. It may also show you a picture, or give you a feeling that reminds you of something.

– Next, ask it, “what do you need?” and see if you get an answer.
– If you got answers, great! Thank your body for communicating. If you can, give your body what it asked for or do some tapping on the emotions around it.
– If you didn’t get clarity, it’s ok. Your body may be in shock that you are actually listening to it! You may have “practiced” tuning it out for so long, you don’t remember how to hear it. The good news is, that with a little practice, the skill will come back. You may also be scared to tune in, especially if you’re afraid of what your body will say or want.
– Even though I am really resistant to listening to my body, and I don’t want to hear what it has to say, I am still a good person.

What do you do if you can’t do what your body wants, right now, (or ever)?
Make a commitment to meet the need later.
Imagine doing it as clearly as possible.
Negotiate! Offer choices that are a YES for you. BABY Steps!
Tap on the frustrations and limitations.

Before we move to a more intense issue, remember, you can step up to it gradually. Do some tapping on “ET I have this big pain, and I think it has some overwhelming emotions, I am still a good person and I can take baby steps”.

Get help with the really big stuff. If you get the sense that the issues may be too intense to do without support, find a tapping buddy, get a coach, or get on a team call for help.

If you can, notice if your primitive brain kicks into overdrive. Sometimes being in intense pain can trigger feelings of flight or flight or freeze. This makes sense. If an actual tiger were chewing on your leg, kicking or running make lots of sense. When we’re dealing with old pains, this same primitive brain mechanisms can interfere with the process… “ET I’m scared, I am safe now”?

Research has shown that anxiety increases sensitivity to pain. And most of us know that feeling pain can make us anxious. So we have a feedback loop that isn’t helpful. EFT can calm and break the cycle and reduce the emotions around the pain.

Let’s practice on a spot that feels good or at least neutral. Touch a part of you that feels good. Listen to the positive. Be with it and enjoy. Thank your body.

If you are overwhelmed by information or painful sensations, ask that part of your body, “What emotion are you holding?” This can help narrow it down a bit for you. You can also practice body YES and NO by asking, “Is this current or something from my past”. (Just be ok if it says YES to both. We tend to store like experiences in ways that have them resonate together.)

If you are tuning into the pain on your own, remember that you can tap on the physical sensation at first- that will generally bring clarity and understanding. “ET I have this shooting pain in my right wrist, I am a good person, everything will be ok, and I am open to understanding what it wants to say.” (Remember to be specific about the pain location and sensation.)

If you noticed something that surprised you…

You can also tap and breathe at each point, while being present with the body part. Just lightly tap each point while taking a deep breath in and out. Do a round like this, while being aware of the sensation you want information about. Notice any thoughts or emotions you feel.

Let’s go to specific examples now. Even if you’re not called on, tap along and borrow benefits…

Team members can discuss the recording and ask question in the private Body Vitality Forum.

These calls are part of the Body Vitality Workshop that we’re holding as part of the Thriving Now Team. (All calls are recorded so you can listen and tap along later if you cannot attend.)

The detailed outline for our first call on Body YES and Body NO: Learning to Listen to the Body’s Intuitive, Intelligent Guidance can be found here:


The second call covered The Vibrational Scale: A Guide to Understand and Improving Your Vibrational Trend. A detailed 6-level Vibrational Scale (an evolution of the one proposed by Abraham-Hicks) can be found along with the call outline on the Thriving Now website at:


Our intention with the Body Vitality Workshop is to help you…

– develop an amazing relationship with your body…
– help it feel surprisingly safe, calm, and confident…
– listen to and follow its intuitive guidance…
– consciously direct its vibrational trend towards total well-being…
– and delight in the pleasures of food, movement, and touch in healthy and balanced ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re over-, under- or at your perfect weight, hate the pains in your back, think you don’t have enough muscles, feel clumsy, or your nose is funny….

We’ll focus on developing practical body guidance, feeling safe in your body, appreciating and accepting where you are (as hard as that can be sometimes), and removing blocks to moving forward towards a more powerful, healthy, vital body. We’ll have specific calls on eating for the body’s needs… and for its pleasure! We’ll also use EFT to bring relief to pain and suffering… and bring more fluid movement to your body from your head to your toes.

In the members-only forum we’ll have ongoing discussions on each of these topics… as well as mutual support and encouragement to guide this process.

If you would like to participate in this workshop and bring increased vitality and power to your body, become a team member.

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