What Does Your Body Want To Say?

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What Does Your Body Want To Say?
– We’ve been talking about listening to your body and being open to its guidance. Many of us have trouble tuning into specifics.
– What does that ache in my knee mean?
– What is that itchy rash trying to tell me?
– Why is my back screaming at me again??!

There are a lot of books out there that tell you their interpretation of the symbolic meaning of pain in specific areas of the body. This can be very helpful and bring interesting insights. And at times they are completely NOT applicable to your emotions, energy, and guidance.

Why not go directly to the source? Why not Address the Pain? On this call Cathy Vartuli and I will be taking you through some steps to help you tune in and hear what your body is saying… such as…

– Ease up!
– I’m really angry about ___
– I’m trying to get your attention so we can release the pain around this old memory.

By focusing your energy and being open to the flow of information, you might be surprised at the wisdom you receive and the relief your body feels. If you want a deeper connection to your body and some direction about where to go next on your healing journey, join us for this special topic teleclass.