Wage Slave? TGIF! Boss? TGIF!

It’s Friday… TGIF!

Right? Isn’t that what life’s about? Work HARD all week and survive until 5 o’clock Friday? Then we’re “free” for two whole days!

For the wage slave… whether the shackles are rusty crusty or the handcuffs are golden, there is no emotional freedom in this dynamic. And for the Boss… well, he’s tied to the chain gang, too, in unhealthy and soul-killing ways. I know… I was a boss once.

It’s why I am devoted — heart and mind — to helping all of us change this dynamic together… to one co-creation and true emotional freedom. It’s why Cathy and I are investing our time and passion for:

Healing Guilt and Shame Around Money: Cast Off Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re taught as children to TOE THE LINE by parents who were also taught to toe the line. We’re taught that other people have power over us, and if we’re one of the “lucky” ones, someday we’ll have power over other people, too!

We’re taught there are leaders and followers. We are told we’re bad for wanting “too much” and that it is dangerous to be visible or express our uniqueness. We call people who break with this “rebels” and “bad girls” — and often they believe they must adopt an “in your face” attitude or else be sucked back into line, back onto the chain gang, shackled to “the way things have always been.”

Here’s the thing: we live in a time of unprecedented opportunity, but almost everyone carries ancestral shackles around money that keep them stuck.

How did your Mom feel about money? Was she optimistic and empowered… or oppressed and distressed? Was your Dad generous and easy about money… or were there constant conflicts and strains and abuses of power? What about your grandparents???

Ancestral beliefs arise from real experiences. Those who came before us endured nightmares like the depression, wars, the holocaust, dictatorships, communism, slavery, racial discrimination, sexual inequality, extended unemployment, famine, plagues, and intense poverty… and they survived. What they may not have known and could not pass down to us is how to thrive. And thriving is a different skill set altogether.

The core of that skill set is emotional freedom… which means letting go of the subconscious shackles that keep people tied to Granny and Pappy’s ways of making a living. It means feeling for where guilt and shame around money and wealth and abundance still are chained in the body-mind… and using a lock-pick like EFT Tapping to release the shackles.

Here’s my invitation…

Try this program. See if just 3.5 hours of “lock-picking” can activate more of your emotional power. I’m confident it can. Truly, it is our emotions that drive creativity and engagement. Freed from guilt and shame around money, you will start seeing ways of collaborating and engaging towards financial abundance that you’ve been blind to before.

I believe you’ll also feel different as you go through your week. People wearing shackles feel heavy… burdened… stressed. They can’t WAIT until Friday. People without shackles… dance… even on Mondays! They freely express their heart every day of the week. I want that for everyone. I know this program has a really good chance of helping people around the world feel that Lightness. Indeed, it already is.

So engage with Cathy and me for these coaching and tapping sessions. Notice what comes up for you and how an empowering perspective on money activates new possibilities for you.


…and if it turns out to be too activating for you, or you can’t stand my goofy grin, ask for a refund within 30 days. Cathy and I want to walk in the world by receiving generously in return for the real value we add to people’s lives. In just two days since release we’re already hearing from dozens of people how they are experiencing… tears of relief… renewed hope… and laughter. We’ve also had one person request a refund, and I’m so glad she took care of herself (she doesn’t like videos or audios it turns out).

Like I said, I have been… The Boss. I hated it. No matter how fair or generous I was to my employees, I could hear in their voices and feel in their attitudes that they had given me power over them. It was so hard to get them to embrace collaboration and partnership. Generations of living paycheck-to-paycheck as “wage slaves” made them reluctant and creatively suppressed. It was so hard, at first, to get them to open up with ideas… to ask for what would be best for them in terms of schedule and lifestyle… to see the business as a co-creation we were growing together!

Over time that changed. Many of my former employees went on to start their own businesses. I love that! And, I so wished I had Tapping back then. I so wish each of us… including me! …had been free of those ancestral shackles. It would have been SO different. It can be different now… for you, for me, for all of us.


With heart and smiles,


P.S. Thank you for being a part of this co-creation with Cathy and me. It’s an honor and privilege to engage with you this way. For those choosing to purchase the program during launch week (which ends May 7th), the $50 discount off the $97 price is our way of showing appreciation for our ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. Big hugs!