Punishing My Knees – Fear of Public Speaking – I Don’t Think I Can Be Happy

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Proving Myself Through Punishing My Knees (Background from beginning with other discussion, Session Start 09:06) Jim is a 46-year-old very active athlete. He’s participated in football, running, triathlons, basketball, and more. Recently he had torn cartilage repaired in one knee. But his right knee is also complaining now. Jim has used EFT before with little in the way of physical results. My focus with this session is on the beliefs and dynamics around listening to the body. Athletes are often taught (and forced) to play through their pain. Pain is a sign of weakness, right? Well, no. Pain is a signal from the body that something is out of balance. Sure, much of the strain of athletics can feel uncomfortable. But there is a HUGE difference between muscles that are working at their limits and joints that are working BEYOND their limits. Jim’s beliefs have changed a lot over the past 20 years. Now with EFT he can continue to make sure that his energy system keeps up. By addressing the emotions, beliefs, and energetics around the knee, Jim will likely be able to “hear” from them exactly how to proceed so that he can get another 50 good years from them. That certainly means letting go of the guilt around not always pushing on beyond the pain, as well as finding a more balanced point relative to his “healthy addiction” to physical activity. 

Fear of Public Speaking… “I Don’t Want to Feel Stupid” (Start 26:45) Events that happened long ago can “stick” in our energy system. Then, many years later we can feel that sense of anxiety in our body as our system makes an unhelpful correlation between, say, being laughed at in a Halloween costume in 3rd grade and speaking on a conference call. Debra starts her session with a fear pain of “9” in her chest. As we tap in general terms on the feelings, it moves down to a 7. After we focus on a specific event that pops up, this one from 3rd grade, the energy subsides considerably, and the whole event can be seen and FELT from a new, peaceful perspective. What it interesting (and exciting!) to me is how once a core event like this is addressed, the energy around later events often can be addressed with EFT very quickly. I encourage Debra to continue to look at ALL the times she can recall where she felt flushed in the face with her heart racing. Use EFT on all of them until they can be remembered without any feeling of anxiety or racing heart. This need not take a long time, and this audio session can even be used to “borrow benefits” on all the other events.

I Don’t Think I Can Be Happy (Start 43:33) Resistance to allowing happiness to flow into our lives can come from so many energetic patterns. In this session with Hana, we see several different ones at play. One is the aspect of trusting self; can I feel happy and not have some bottled up emotion come up and ruin everything? Another is the difference between authentic happiness which she desires and “putting on a happy face” to repress unhappy feelings, a pattern she observed in her mother. We close with an approach that asks the body to ‘make it easy’ to release bottled up emotions in a way that promotes optimal health. This can sometimes help when individuals habitually have releases that are big and dramatic. I recall when I was healing that I would sometimes have raging fevers for 4-5 days straight. If I had had EFT back then, I would have given my body permission to find easier ways to clear the energy, maybe even enjoyable ways. As it was, the raging fevers are what gave me, on some level, permission to stay bedridden for an extended period while my body reorganized. Who can argue with a raging fever or explosive diarrhea? The dynamics of physioemotional healing can be complex, perhaps beyond the ability of us to fully fathom. Yet, I also trust the process. With EFT we see that the process can be made quicker and less painful by addressing “whatever comes up” with care and compassion, as we allow well-being and happiness to return.