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As technologists with decades of experience, we typically review many different products before making a choice that is right for us to use here at Thriving Now. Below are some of the tools and services we recommend. (Please note that there are often several different options, and while the products listed below are ones we use, there may be better choices for you.)

Website Resources

WordPress –
This is an easy to use and mostly free way to quickly set up a blog and/or a website. You can sign up for a free WordPress blog at All our sites now run on WordPress.
If you want to register a domain for your site,  this is a good place to go. Prices are average for the industry (they often have sales as well) and their customer service has been exceptional.

Amazon S3 –
Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. We use it to deliver large files like audios and videos to customers, and for off-site archive storage for important projects. Price is reasonable. We use S3 Organizer in Firefox to access our S3 storage “buckets.”

Google Analytics –
Free service where you add some javascript to your web pages and google will track usage and popular pages (and more).

MaxCDN –
Content Delivery Network that works automatically with the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress. Allows visitors from around the world to load cached images, css style sheets, and more from a network of servers closer to their location. Also takes the load off our server, even for VERY high traffic days. Well worth the cost.


Skype –
Allows you to use your computer to make audio and video calls around the world for free. Also has some paid features. Offers the ability to remotely view another person’s screen (useful for collaborating).

NConnects –
This is a paid conference-call service which allows control of individual caller’s volume and participation. It also allows you to record and download calls. It’s what we use! Now allows callers to access the service directly from Skype without using SkypeOut.

We use their virtual office service to route incoming calls to office phone line AND cell phone(s). They offer human voicemail transcription, too. Pressing *7 on an incoming call also activates call recording, which you can easily use to download into a Dropbox folder to send a “public” (but unguessable) link to your clients so they can listen again.

Free Conference Call –
This service allows you to host free conference calls up to 96 people. They also have a simple event version that hosts up 1000 people.

Customer Management & Shopping Cart

1ShoppingCart –
On-line shopping cart and e-commerce.  Includes email autoresponders and affiliate management as well. It’s what we use.

arpReach –
Email broadcast and autoresponder you install on your mail server. It’s what we use now for our email lists. Requires someone skilled in server and email management as part of your team.

Amember –
Membership and subscription management system, integrates with systems like 1ShoppingCart and ExpressionEngine.

Paypal –
On-line shopping cart and e-commerce. Convenient way to allow clients to send you payments. Easy to set up Buy Now buttons.


Elance –
On-line freelance support for outsourcing various parts of your business.

Social Media

Facebook –
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Twitter –
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Other Useful Resources

Dropbox –
Integrates so nicely into Windows. We use it to easily send private recordings to clients, share spreadsheets and other project files, and sync content between computers.

Carbonite –
Auto Backup for Computer Files. If you do not have OFF-SITE backup of your key files, you are taking a risk of total loss. Use something like Carbonite, store files on Amazon S3, or some other off-site backup strategy.

Roboform –
Program manages and stores your passwords and autofills on-line registration forms to save you time.

Big Stock Photo –
Search and download photos for websites,  advertizing, products, etc.

Camtasia –
Video presentation creation and editing

Sony Sound Forge –
Audio creation and editing. We use the Pro version which has an outstanding noise reduction filter. Many people choose the free program Audacity –


  • Fran

    Love your work, my friends. Excellent web page also. Your integrity is obvious. Thank you for all you do.

  • Ilia Blandina

    You previously listed an article writing site. What was the site? Do you no longer endorse them?

    • Thriving Now

      We just don’t use them anymore (not even sure they still offer those products). If you want article writing, you can get it done custom for you from different sites, or you can buy PLR content.  We write our own articles for