Tapping To Transform 2014 Right Now

Happy New Year 2014 Thank you so much for the feedback you shared on our 2014 survey. We loved hearing from you and seeing what you most want to create in 2014.

Please remember that stating what is important to you… sharing a desire or goal has power. It helps make it real. And the more specific you can be, the easier it is for the universe to deliver…

Think of it like this… you have a dear friend that you love very much, and you want to get her a present. You ask her what she wants, and she says “something warm.” Well you don’t know if she wants something warm to eat, a coat, a blanket, a heater, or a trip to the beach. And she may not know either. Her vibration isn’t tuned in. It’s hard to get her a good gift and to feel confident that she’ll love it.

On the other hand, if she says, “I would LOVE a warm maroon lap blanket for when I curl up on the couch. Something soft, with no tassels would be fantastic!” NOW you have a solid idea of what to look for. And her vibration is really aligned with what she wants to add to her life. Not just the maroon blanket, but the experience of curling up, relaxing, feeling warm and loved in a blanket her good friend gave her.

Can you feel the difference?

Humans do this all the time. They don’t get specific, and they wonder why they aren’t attracting the things they long for. But they never really identified, or spoke them into existence either. Sharing makes it real.

So whether you share with us (you can still answer the survey, and we’d love your feedback!) or with friends and loved ones, get specific on your desires and let people know. They might have a connection or idea that will help you, and just speaking it and sharing it changes your vibration around your intention.

235 of you shared your “magic wand” moments with us, thank you! We loved hearing what would make your life so much better in 2014. And we want to help!

And many of you shared how Rick and I have touched your lives. Thank you for that as well… It really helps us connect with what matters most to you! We’ve included what a few people shared below the tapping if you’d like to see what people said (and check to see if yours is there!)

If you haven’t answered the 3 quick questions yet, we’d love to hear what you think! You can do that here:


Let do some tapping! (Our free EFT Tapping Guide can be found here.)

Karate Chop: Even though there are lots of things and experiences I crave… I’m reluctant to say specifically what I want. I’m afraid of the disappointment and regret if I don’t get them!

Even though it feels scary to admit specifically what I want, I know it is harder for the Universe to deliver if I don’t even let myself know what I desire.

Even though I’ve avoided being specific…and sharing with others what I truly ache to experience… I choose to change this pattern now. I ask the Universe to help me be courageous and start creating what I want in my life, now!

Top of the Head: If I know what I specifically want…
Eyebrow: I might be hurt.
Side of the Eye: I’ll notice what I lack.
Under the Eye: And I might be disappointed if I don’t get it.
Under the Nose: It feels safer to be general and “hope for something better.”
Chin: Maybe the Universe will guess what I want.
Collarbone: And give it to me without me really asking.
Under the Arm: Sometimes that works…

Top of the Head: But it doesn’t work great.
Eyebrow: I don’t feel powerful.
Side of the Eye: I ask the Universe for courage.
Under the Eye: I allow myself to notice what I really want.
Under the Nose: I ask for clarity.
Chin: And I can start sharing what it is I want.
Collarbone: The Universe can delivery in a lot of different ways…
Under the Arm: And sharing my specific wishes and desires helps.

Top of the Head: It’s time to tune up my vibration.
Eyebrow: It’s time to clarify what I want to create.
Side of the Eye: I’m not a little kid anymore.
Under the Eye: I’m a powerful creator.
Under the Nose: It’s time to transform my life…
Chin: So I can have more joy…
Collarbone: And make a bigger difference in people’s lives.
Under the Arm: I’m ready to share my voice…
Top of the Head: And bring my desires into life.

Take a deep breath.

Great job! It does take courage to know what you want. But it also give you power and changes your vibration. It makes you more magical!


We wish you the most amazing, joy filled 2014!

Cathy and Rick
Here are some of the testimonials people shared, picked at random:

How could anyone NOT want to get involved with something that is called “Thriving Now”? I love getting your emails and while I have not participated in any of the calls, the tapping I do through the emails is really helpful in so many ways. I am able to de-stress, laugh at my self, find the good in people, places and things that used to drive me kooky and just overall, am able to enjoy life more. Thanks for the tapping, keep it up!
~ Marie Gallagher, Denver, CO

Thank you Cathy and Rick for providing this opportunity for me to express my gratitude to you. Your kindness and generosity always shine through your emails/newletters, the contents of which, have allowed me to see and experience EFT as a useful,beneficial and empowering tool for releasing long held beliefs and patterns – some of which I didn’t know I had! Thank you too for making it so easy by providing words when I could find none of my own. Thank you for shining your light which has helped illuminate my own path back to well-being. Sent with much love and appreciation,
~ Peta, London, UK

Cathy and Rick are both gifted healers. They each have a unique and powerful style, and together they are a rich blend of compassion, humor, love and grace. When working with one or both of them, I always get a new perspective! And that’s where the miracles happen.
~ Helen McConnell Portland, Oregon

Since working with Rick and Cathy I am learning more and more who I am. With their help I started a radio show which I love. I am a better coach for my clients now after their wonderful coaching. I feel like I can shine more, I feel I can express my vulnerability more freely. I get to feel freer and more love myself more with each call. Thank you both!
~ Jean Puhlman, North Carolina

Rick and Cathy are artists in creating useful tapping clearing statements that help me boost my other personal development techniques and serving others. I love opening emails from them as they are really helpful.
~ Andrew, Toronto, Canada


  • Eva

    I’ve been tapping now for over 5 years, mostly on my own. I revisited Cathy’s and Rick’s website after a 2 year absence and did the above tapping and WOW! What a difference it made in an instance to how I felt. Thank you so much!

    • http://www.thrivingnow.com/ Thriving Now

      So glad, Eva! Welcome back!